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Track your spending : FREE expense tracking sheet

The most basic way to control your finances is to monitor your expenses. When you closely monitor your expenses, you will be able to track your spending habits and see where your money is spent. 215 more words


Improve your cash flow : Earn extra money from your skills

There are only two things that have an effect on your debt problem:

1. Spending less
2. Making more money

You can either cut on on your expenses, or earn extra income. 494 more words


Spectacular Seville

From all my travels in Spain, I think I loved Seville the most.

I wanted to update this blog by showing you guys some photos from my last year visit in Spain. 1,637 more words


I earned extra 2 thousand dirhams by selling my old stuff

Last year, I sold old stuff lying at home and earned extra 2 thousand dirhams. I sold books I never read, home d├ęcor items, old electronics. 765 more words


weird dream

I had a weird dream tonight to which i woke up 12 :30am . I dreamt of 1 cockroach flew to me when i was asleep and in the dream i tried to get it off. 239 more words


Don't go grocery shopping if you're hungry

I had an interesting conversation with a colleague at work. We were talking about money-saving strategies kanina and what struck me most was when she advised me not to go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. 351 more words


Save 800 dirhams monthly with these easy money saving strategies

Have you ever complained that what you’re earning isn’t enough or you don’t have enough money? Have you ever looked within and studied carefully why you always run out of money? 722 more words