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Love and happiness

Love and Happyness, 2015, Woodburn on hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), Zenith Adi and Erunise 207 more words

How Ancient Greek Literature and Yoga Helped Me With Ogham

Although my divination method of choice remains “The Druid Animal Oracle,” I’ve been working to improve my understanding of ogham.  Each day, after I perform my morning or afternoon devotional, I ask for an omen for the day and draw an ogham symbol from a muslin bag.   917 more words


Lughnassadh 2015

Ovate: Earrach

Method: Ogham



Conflict(s) in the near past transpired poorly reflecting a deficit in

the abilities needed for bringing peace and stability to the situation. 103 more words


Materia Medica - Oak

OAK (Quercus robur)

Plant family: Beech family (fagaceae)

Parts Used: Bark, leaves, acorns, galls (“oak apples” created by gall wasps on leaves).

Soil and Environment: Hedgerows, woods, parkland. 766 more words


Your purpose in life

I’ve had a lot of feedback since reviewing Rachel Corby’s book, ‘Rewild Yourself: Becoming Nature‘ and I’m even more inspired to learn and act on the lessons within the book and to rewild myself, little by little. 576 more words