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new moon at midsummer: an ogham card reading

24 June: St Jo(a)n’s Day, when the rising summer sun can be seen moving, once again, on the horizon after three days of stillness. The solstice was the turning point, but this is when the movement can be felt. 718 more words


Ancient Silence

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A poem I wrote in 2014 asked to live with this Dryad


First Time Ink

Dear Readers,

Work has been very busy these past days and if I wasn’t serving food, drink or speaking my terrible version of German, then I was sleeping, so unfortunately I haven’t been very present in regards to my writing. 500 more words

Speaking Trees: a Reading

At MAGUS ’17, Dana (on the left — check out her excellent blog The Druid’s Garden) generously offered readings for several of us, using her set of tree staves. 1,150 more words


Tree insights

If you’re a Druid studying the ogham, but you don’t live alongside all of the trees, it’s difficult making a connection with them. In theory, the solution is to swap in a tree local to you that has the same qualities – but without knowing the original tree, this is not an easy call to make. 129 more words


Celtic Tree Magic: 6 Ways to Work with Sacred Trees


What is your favorite tree? Ask anyone this question and you’ll be surprised by the answers; even the most urbane of us will have a tree we like the best, whether is a beautiful tree in a park or by the roadside, a special tree from childhood, or a favorite species. 1,977 more words

Magickal And Spiritual Living

Celtic Ogham Stones

I want to introduce this set of ancient stones, and tell a bit about their background.

I have to admit, that I myself never heard about… 602 more words

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