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The Enchanted Garden 2: trees and the Gaelic mythic imagination

The reclamation of an abandoned garden – now there’s a project of the heart. It’s also very much a project of the mythic imagination, and as I wrote in my last post, it is already inhabited by a character or two from the Irish mythic tradition. 1,526 more words


Alphabet: The Many Uses of Irish Oghams

The various Oghams are used by the Irish in several ways. The Oghams were foremost an alphabet used for writing Irish. Numerous examples of boundary markers and other inscribed stones abound with people’s names written in letters from the Tree Ogham. 343 more words

Diving Deeper into the Irish Oghams

Since I live in an urban area in the Southeastern United States, many of the trees from the Oghams are foreign to me. To find out if any of these trees lived near me, I used a field guide to look up the taxonomic names of the local trees to discover if they were the same species. 168 more words

Alphabets and Divination: Irish Oghams

Because I am a diviner, I need to know many divination systems in order to do my work successfully. When my primary method gives murky or indefinite results, I often use an alternative method for gleaning more information. 344 more words


MAGUS 2018: Mid-Atlantic Gathering US


After a hard winter in much of the U.S., a vigorous flourish of Spring greeted participants of MAGUS 2018 arriving in south-central Pennsylvania at… 1,181 more words


Ogham Groves

Family Doodles
Trees are truly amazing ❤
I love making Oracular Art…actually I am not sure what you call it. I have called it Bound Blessings / Bind Runes / paint by numbers lol… 329 more words

The Blossom On The Bough

Two sonnets for May, and my muse


The fires are lit, my lover, and the hills

are flickering with little points of light

The sun is set, and deep within the rills… 214 more words