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Daily Life

With apologies to John Lennon, “Imagine all the people Living for today…” a life without books, mail, radio, TV, video, streaming, and no regular 9 to 5 job. 829 more words

Celtic Trivia

Travelers Don't Know Where They're Going

Travelers don’t know where they’re going,
Tourists don’t know where they’ve been.—Hostel Wall in Inverness

I saw that quote on my first trip to Britain and Ireland, and it neatly sums up my approach to traveling. 1,454 more words

Read Any Good Runes Lately?

Amongst all the other things, such as writing books, recording podcasts and staging magic shows, people sometimes forget that I give readings.  After all, let’s be perfectly honest here, it would be impossible for me to be involved in all of the magical and mystical  material I surround myself with, collecting old, haunted items, etc., and  340 more words


A New Approach to Ogham Reading

I am passionately interested in the Celtic ogham characters and their use in divination, and have written three books on the subject:  The Book of Ogham… 843 more words


Ogham: Nion

Nion, il Frassino


Il frassino appartiene alla famiglia delle Oleacee che comprende più di 500 specie.

Alcuni esemplari sono noti per aver raggiunto i 200 metri d’altezza, il che rende il frassino uno degli alberi più grandi della natura. 1,008 more words


Lughnassadh 2016

Ovate: Vicky

Method: Ogham

Have Our Offerings Been Accepted? Gorse – Blazing Light, the Light of Strength, the Light of Passion, the Light of the Sun, Treasures to be Held Dear to the Heart: yes, our offerings have been accepted. 42 more words


Why ancient tree knowledge in Ireland matters today: Blackstairs Ecotrails film and Ogham tree-teaching stone

Today, Ireland only has remnants of its ancient forests and has one of the lowest levels of tree cover in Europe. While afforestation is promoted with plantations of conifers and native trees (tree cover across Ireland is around 12%) there is value in considering how ancient forests were once regarded. 818 more words