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crosses and sheep and (dead) languages, oh my!

The Isle of Man has a huge collection of stone crosses. 

The stone crosses don’t always look like crosses.

The crosses date from the early Celtic christian period through the Norse period and into the high medieval period. 316 more words

Australian Ogham – Letter S – Saille

Not being familar with, and unlikely to experience the trees of the northern hemisphere Ogham has led me to develop an Australian Ogham; mostly specific to the local area. 86 more words


Knowing whom to ask

I’ve been fascinated by Tarot ever since I was a kid. I was doing a play at a small amateur theatre when I was about nine or ten, and I found a book on the Tarot forgotten in the lighting booth. 1,183 more words

In Theory

Irish Mythology | Tree Lore (Part Two) - The Hawthorn

In the last few weeks, the fierce golden blaze of yellow gorse which swept through Ireland’s hedgerows like wild-fire, has given way to the gentler, creamy-white froth of hawthorn blossom.  517 more words


Ogham - The Irish Alphabet Oracle

I gave a presentation at Fantasia Crystals in Phoenix last Saturday and this PowerPoint contains some of the information I was (hopefully) able to impart on my students.

The Ogham PDF



Wordless words

I have been thinking more about how to take forward my hedgerow library idea, and whether to leave the pages blank (similar in spirit to the River Library work of Racquel Rabonovich which inspired it), or whether to inscribe more knowledge upon them.  440 more words

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