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The 5 Fifths of Ireland

In ancient Ireland, our ancestors found significance and meaning in everything, not just people and animals but in such things as the seasons, the wind, dreams, and so on. 2,620 more words


Spell a Day - Jan 9th 2016

Today’s entry from my new almanac is about personal glyphs or sigils. This is something I have not really done but perhaps I should. Then I can mark my works like one of my idols, J.R.R. 496 more words

Commentary On Life

Tarot and other oracles, or, your mileage may vary

What do you do when you are really interested in something, really engaged by it, at least briefly, and you realize that… it just doesn’t work for you? 765 more words

In Practice


This pictures are elements of a larger piece which was inspired by oak leaves melded together on a frosty day. The colours of decomposition which lay underneath is what fascinated me most. 45 more words


Reflecting on my Spiritual Practice and Growth this Past Year

As I write this, the year’s first real snowfall is blanketing the land. It’s a time of rest and introspection. Spiritually, it’s a new year. As with our secular New Year, it’s custom to reflect on various aspects of our lives, how we’ve changed, and where we’re going. 675 more words


Springtime Offerings - Weekly Photo Challenge: Trio

For honoring the Spring Equinox, we painted eggs and, after drawing an Ogham few, wrote our Ogham letter onto our offering egg as a way of bringing the gifts of that Ogham out into the greening world. 18 more words