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"But I can't read tally marks!" - Fun with Ogham

As a warning, this blog post will veer slightly from my usual style, focusing more on personal experience rather than sights or folklore.  I’ll return to talking about those things on Tuesday, but for this extra weekend update, I’d like to talk about an ancient alphabet, Ogham. 853 more words


Celt Experience - Ogham Willow

The midweek has finally reached us. With the mixture of blue skies and burning sun, It’s no wonder that I ended up cracking a bottle open. 391 more words


Ogma e Ogham


Ogma è figlio di Étaín e fratello del Dagda Mór.
Inventore dell’Ogham e campione dei Tuatha de Danann, fa parte della triade divina maschile Trí Dée Dána (tre dei delle arti) insieme a Dagda e Lugh. 836 more words


Sacred Space, Day 4

Unfortunately, due to a sudden migraine, I missed the first workshop I had been intending to attend, Ellen Lorenzi-Prince’s “Inside-Out Magic.”

Working with the Celtic Tree Ogham in the United States, by Raven Edgewalker… 961 more words


DIY: Simple Ogham Staves Tutorial

Ogham sets are available on eBay or Etsy shops, but I think it’s more powerful to make them ourselves. Traditionally, ogham staves are made from wood, and preferably from the wood associated with the ogham letter. 300 more words



Ogham (or in Old Irish, Ogam), pronounced “Ohm”, is the earliest form of a written Gaelic language – an alphabet and cipher originally devised under Latin influence. 589 more words


Ogham: Luis

Luis, il Sorbo


Con Sorbus si intende un genere di piante della famiglia delle Roasacee che comprende alberi e arbusti che producono frutti simili ma possono essere molto differenti tra loro. 713 more words