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MySQL error message:The used table type doesn't support SPATIAL indexes

ceritanya, saya lagi belajar (kembali) ogr2ogr dan ternyata OGR mendukung MySQL …

ogr2ogr -skipfailures -overwrite -f MYSQL "MY
SQL:test,user=root,password=P@s5w0rd!" map.shp
ERROR 1: MySQL error message:The used table type doesn't support SPATIAL indexes
 Description: ALTER TABLE `map` ADD SPATIAL INDEX(`SHAPE`) 33 more words

OGR for Erdas Imagine

This video shows the integration of OGR2GUI v0.7 for Erdas Imagine 2014. Erdas Imagine users can now use the OGR2OGR functionality with a nice GUI. OGR2OGR uses the Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL). 75 more words


How to Load Spatial Data from SQLite in a Windows Store App

Sometimes it can be helpful to hold geospatial data locally and to distribute it with the application. In this example, we will use SQLite to store geospatial information and visualize it as a layer in the Bing Maps Control for Windows Store Apps. 1,022 more words

Bing Maps

WFS to PostGIS in 1 Step

This is an update to my previous post “WFS to PostGIS in 3 Steps”. Thanks to Even Rouault’s comments and improvements to GDAL, it is now possible to load Latin1-encoded WFS (like the one by data.wien.gv.at) into PostGIS in just one simple step. 100 more words


Exporting point file as kml in GRASS GIS

The v.out.ogr function in GRASS GIS let you export your vector layer to any format supported by OGR (it is basically an interface to the GDAL/OGR function… 310 more words


Two Free Ways to Push Geographic Data in SQL Server

If you own SQL Server 2008 or higher (even the free Express version) you have the essentials of a GIS. 

But how to put GIS data into SQL Server?  403 more words

Batch Shapefile Clipping

This is just a quick “note to self” on some interesting information I picked up from the QGIS mailing list today. Kudos to David J. 58 more words