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Music- KEMGBE NIGGA- Oh Baby (@djbollombolo)

Next2blow entertainment aka djbollombolo alaba finest bring to you Kemgbo Nigga aka kem g with his new hit Oh Baby

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The End of My Maternity Leave

This is my last week at home on maternity leave. It’s hard to believe that just a little more than 8 weeks ago I was at work, wrapping up projects, emails and meetings and telling everyone that I had a week before my due date. 556 more words

Oh Baby!

Thoughts after childbirth class

Well, we survived childbirth class.

And not just survived, exactly . . . I think we thrived.

So, um, I went into the experience pretty nervous. 526 more words


friggen Mom Guilt

Friggen Mom Guilt.

Why do we feel it?

Is it hormones?

Is it in our chromosomes?

Is it hereditary?

Do Dads feel it?

Can it be cured? 593 more words

Oh Baby

Baby Sign Language

When I first heard that people were teaching their babies sign language, I was skeptical. Like a lot of parents, I thought that teaching your baby to sign would slow their speech development. 396 more words

Oh Baby!

Five years

Five years to the day from when we first met, Spence and I will take our first childbirth class.

Could I have seen that coming? Maybe not on March 21, 2010 — but life moves fast when you’re in love. 776 more words


If you get my Heart...

My dear little one,

If you get my heart, know that you will feel things differently than other people.

On a deeper level.

Feelings caused by things and others will linger longer than you may want them to. 655 more words

Oh Baby