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#28 The Honeymoon Part 1

Did I ever tell you about the time we went on our honeymoon to Thailand?
It was without a doubt beautiful, paradisaical, and scenic, also a bit smelly, and hot as fuck but a massive adventure none the less. 508 more words


Slice of Life: Post #18 - Infidelity

Infidelity can grow from a lustrous, red pomegranate seed. The one given to you by the stranger who lives in the green house with the wooden fence, the one who leaves his gate slightly ajar. 322 more words

Potty Training at 24 months.

When Matthew was about 18 months, I started doing a little research into the ‘dreaded’ potty training, which I knew we had to face in the very near future. 604 more words

In Recovery Status

Sometimes a very large database (VLF) stalls and or takes forever and a day to perform a 2 minutes task. In these fun times we restart the server. 113 more words