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I'm Actually a Little Afraid of July

To be honest.

July is Camp NaNoWriMo, during which I am going to write 50,000 word first draft of my next novel.

July is when we re-return to Crossfit, after taking June off. 279 more words




oh you like that character?

you love them?

you’re obsessed?



I don’t believe you

The last one killed me, omfg.

I will not touch it...and other thoughts.

Happy Monday everyone!

This post is coming at you guys super late in the day. Oops.

Today, I got a request from a friend (#hateyoumeanit): talk about my thoughts on  349 more words

Sock Gnomes

Have you ever wondered what a sock gnome would do with socks? Do they make houses out of them? If they did, why would some socks be returned? 99 more words


setting goals

This morning I had the TED radio hour podcast on while I washed the dishes. It was last week’s episode (I think) about Champions, and in a way it became a meditation on the mentality and habits of successful people. 295 more words