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Oh god, here's Barack Obama playing Santa Claus

We assume that if you clicked on a story about Barack Obama playing Santa Claus, you are prepared to cry. And so we cannot say we didn’t warn you. 115 more words


To blog or not to blog!

I am the most unreliable person I know but I’m planning on getting a blog up and running before maybe Christmas????? I don’t know. Please don’t hold your breath for this. 45 more words

First Post

‘Oh god, keep this book out of schools’—comedian Evany Rosen launches What I Think Happened

A new imprint from Vancouver publisher Arsenal Pulp Press promises to bring some of Canada’s funniest people to print.

Overseen by local comedian/writer Charles Demers, Robin’s Egg Books will feature “fresh, smart and funny writing on culturally relevant subjects,” according to a media release. 410 more words

Gunboat Bay Lodge

i don't wanna be your friend, i wanna kiss your neck.

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I never realized how much I missed this person, until he entered my life again.

He came in the same way he did the first time: Brazenly, completely turning all my ideals and thoughts of the world upside down, smashing down every concept I had about the way everything was supposed to work. 81 more words

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