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Embarrassment Prime

Sometime before the most recent Great Disappearance, I tried getting into Warframe for a bit again. That… didn’t really work out, and I quit. Again. But since a couple of months back, I’ve resumed playing. 712 more words

Oh Look An Update

Perpetual Motion

Turns out that¬†making up lost ground on an exercise program is a pretty terrible situation. On the plus side, you’ve already built the mental toughness for the weight you’re aiming at. 225 more words

Oh Look An Update


Expect to hear more about it here in coming weeks.

Riiight. Well, that worked out magnificently.

So, what has been the goings on since that rather cheerful review of Warframe?

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Oh Look An Update


This character model actually looks pretty good without the hover-weapon on its back. The tone of the cinematic suited hiding my polearm, and now I sort of wish there was a way to hide it in general. 498 more words

World Of Warcraft

Why so linear

Time keeps moving forward! This is surprising. Things continue happening in sequential order, instead of all at the same time all the time. Well, except for the things that get reset every week, which we then do in a different but similar sequence. 227 more words

World Of Warcraft

So, that happened.

Starting to settle in at the new job, so updates might actually happen more frequently again.

Got my legendary cloak. Not on the day of the patch – gasp! 538 more words

World Of Warcraft


So, what does one do when not raiding? Surprisingly enough, the answer is often ‘raid’.

Remembered to get some screenshots from this PuG. Hilariously enough, while it started out as a straight ToES run on TH, it ended up being pretty much a Hordivores semi-run with all 5 of us online at the time in the run. 250 more words

World Of Warcraft