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Oh My God, by Liz Phair

Oh my God
Oh my God
I’ve been saved
What are you asking of me?
I saw the light today
What have I done to you… 71 more words


aaLAWchak: OMG Oh My God!

Movie: OMG Oh My God!
Starring: Paresh Rawal, Mithun Chakraborty, Govind Namdeo, Mahesh Manjrekar and Akshay Kumar as Lord Krishna
Directed by: Umesh Shukla
Year of Release: 2012…
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Handstands are dangerous for little dogs

This little dog goes flying through the air after the owner accidentally kicks it while doing a handstand.


50 Shades of WHAT?

Ok, so everything I am about to write is based on my own opinions and perception of the movie. I clarify this, since lots of people quickly get upset or whatever other crazy reaction usually follows. 285 more words

Cut a Photograph

Well , what’s photograph?I think you , who is older then teenager , know about photograph and photographic papers.They are already old but we have memories with them.A day I found one photograph.It seems normal but then I realized something on it suddenly.Maybe this photograph took when I was child.But one of people in photograph was not in it.Oh my God.Where is it?I know somebody cut already.But why?If you see the an other part of it , you remember an other part of it surely.I think it is like retaliate but in photo.The sound’s funny but I think it isn’t good.If you don’t want to see this photo , you have to junk it.So you can not remember an other part of it.Then be honest , I was look this photo so I was trying to guess , why cut and who was there?I thought them but I was confused.Then immediately I put them where I took.I went to fridge and drunk some cold water in winter.Then I came back to my bed…


Beer etc...

Screw getting put alongside all the others, wee man. You deserve a full post all of your own. I know I’ve seen you divide opinion an’ aw that, but you will always be special to me to you glorious chocolatey, pumpkin spiced bastard. 17 more words

Beer Etc