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La La Land

The ScienceWerks team has spent the last 5 days researching better titles for this absolute turkey of a film that has convinced America and the foreign press that it is the second coming of the cinemascope song and dance genre.   42 more words


Rest In Peace, General Organa Solo

We here at Vote Simpson/Hemstead have been rather heartbroken at the loss of Carrie Fisher.  She was more than just a princess and a general, she embodied a number of concepts that we would carry with us through our formative years and into our adulthood.   238 more words


"Oh noes!" said the Business Roundtable

First he came for the Mexicans, but we were not Mexicans, and we yearned for a tax break, so we did not speak out.

Then he came for the Muslims, but we were not Muslims, and we wanted go get on with entitlement reform, so we did not speak out. 18 more words


Things are not going to go well for me

When you help girls they thank you by being really really fucked up.

You give them advice they do the opposite and get mad at you for the result. 115 more words


That headline says more about the state of the union than any post a political analyst could write.