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Subverting My Supposed Paradigms

Being labeled as moody, sensitive, dependent and weird, I have been struggling to change myself to be better. Or maybe to be more accepted, because people always say otherwise. 494 more words


Emotional Vomit Part 6

I hated feeling like I’ve been left out. I don’t like begging for people’s attention and care. I never liked asking for somebody’s time especially when I know they would not care. 117 more words


My Hopes For You

I hope you fall in love with someone who thinks your eyes are like the stars on the dead of the night
Brown like the shades of the leaves from Autumn, a vessel that holds the truth and future. 231 more words


This Love's a Hurricane

For the first week of February this year, I promised myself to focus on work, choose a healthier diet, push myself to a better understandings of Faith, and never again to fall in love or should I say, go back to my old romances. 219 more words



More on the “I like to pretend I’m a farmer” front: We got rabbits.


Two does and a buck. I’d post photos of all three, but they are identical. 339 more words

Pretending I'm A Farmer