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Things are not going to go well for me

When you help girls they thank you by being really really fucked up.

You give them advice they do the opposite and get mad at you for the result. 115 more words

That headline says more about the state of the union than any post a political analyst could write.


Moocifer Is Nigh

I’ve had feelings, or sensations of dread whenever I’d be confronted with a fatty cut of meat for the last couple of months.  I felt in my core that a dark time was coming, heralded by a malevolent being who would rain down fire and ennui from his teats.   352 more words


10 Days of 10 Years Later - Day 10

Well, here we are.  Day 10.  I’m so glad this is over and at the same time I’m sad that once again Dad and I are at “The end.”  I’m posting this from Dad’s gravesite right now, at the exact minute of the 10th anniversary of Dad’s death. 1,911 more words

Candidate Bios

10 Days of 10 Years Later - Day 09

Around day 03 I was talking with my girlfriend about the experience of this endeavor, and I mentioned in passing something that was bothering me a little, and now bothers me a little more and more every day I write these posts.   599 more words


10 Days of 10 Years Later - Day 08

Until tonight I knew that lyric as a Ray Charles song.  It’s a song Dad would listen to a lot. He’d listen to Ray Charles a lot, not just this song.   1,607 more words


10 Days of 10 Years Later - Day 06

“Let me ponder this simple question, am I a good friend.”

That’s the question I was left off with last night in my mind.  Am I a good friend?   1,256 more words