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Oh Noes!!!

Hello kids!
If you wanna know how fast time goes by, just stop posting for a couple of months and WordPress will show you.
It took me awhile to figure out where all the tools were. 327 more words


Now The Chicago Cubs Can Fuck Up Your Wedding, Too

The Cubs have once more lifted the hopes of their die-hard, depressed fans by edging closer to the possibility of National League pennant play-offs and possibly, The World Series (the Cubs haven’t won a World Series since 1908, remember). 67 more words

Subverting My Supposed Paradigms

Being labeled as moody, sensitive, dependent and weird, I have been struggling to change myself to be better. Or maybe to be more accepted, because people always say otherwise. 494 more words


A light tape gently poked explorer, almost like legs of stray spider. Soft chuckle could be heard from behind as woman pressed herself against explorer's back. "Ohhh daarling~" she called out while showing a bottle of rather expensive looking whiskey. "Care to share a drink ?"


He felt the pressure against his back and the heavy scent of dark perfume tickle his nose before he’d even realized exactly who was behind him, and he gave a soft sigh as he leaned his head forward, a light smirk tickling his lips, eyes closing.

333 more words

Emotional Vomit Part 6

I hated feeling like I’ve been left out. I don’t like begging for people’s attention and care. I never liked asking for somebody’s time especially when I know they would not care. 117 more words


My Hopes For You

I hope you fall in love with someone who thinks your eyes are like the stars on the dead of the night
Brown like the shades of the leaves from Autumn, a vessel that holds the truth and future. 231 more words


This Love's a Hurricane

For the first week of February this year, I promised myself to focus on work, choose a healthier diet, push myself to a better understandings of Faith, and never again to fall in love or should I say, go back to my old romances. 219 more words