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"I don't have any clean clothes"

Being woken up at 7:10 am instead of 5:45 am sends Lorelai intoa panic. We learn that all her nice clothes are at the drycleaners, and she was planning to pick them up and get dressed in her blue suit with the flippy skirt before she took Rory to school. 193 more words

S1Ep2: The Lorelais First Day At Chilton

"Was it my dream?"

LORELAI: I’m talking about – did it start with me? Or did it start with you? Was it my dream that you go to Harvard? … Because I never got to do the big fancy college thing? 80 more words

S1Ep4: The Deer Hunters


LORELAI: So what does the deer look like? Huh? Does it have any distinguishing marks – besides the word Jeep imprinted on it’s forehead?

Jeep is a brand of American automobile, made by Chrysler; their range is in sport utility vehicles and off-road vehicles. 193 more words

S1Ep4: The Deer Hunters

Secret handshake

MICHEL: There is a man with a funny accent on the phone asking for you.
LORELAI: Really? Did you guys exchange the secret handshake?

A secret handshake is any non-standard handshake used to signify fellowship within a certain group. 47 more words

S1Ep4: The Deer Hunters

"I know his birthday"

RORY: I know everything there is to know about Shakespeare … I know his birthday and his mother’s name and that kind of –

In fact William Shakespeare’s birthday is not known, just that he was baptised on April 26. 34 more words

S1Ep4: The Deer Hunters

Rory's Study for the Shakespeare Test

The Comedy of Errors is one of Shakespeare’s early plays, and a farce involving two pairs of twins and mistaken identity. It was written around 1594, so Rory’s statement that it was written in 1590 is just an estimate – the exact date isn’t known. 165 more words

S1Ep4: The Deer Hunters


Lorelai wears a B-52’s (now known as the B-52s) tee-shirt to the parent-teacher night. It’s apparently one she keeps in the car in case of accidents to clothing, and in this case she spilled coffee on herself while driving. 131 more words

S1Ep4: The Deer Hunters