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"Why don't you see if Lane can come with you?"

LORELAI: Why don’t you see if Lane can come with you ? You know that way if the socialising doesn’t turn out how you planned, you got a friendly face around. 76 more words

Oh Really?

"So where's that list?"

LORELAI: So where’s that list?
RORY: What?
LORELAI: The list, we’ve got a lot to do Missy, otherwise I’m gonna be dragging your butt outta bed at 6 again tomorrow morning. 221 more words

Oh Really?

"If you tell Miss Patty ..."

RORY: If you tell Miss Patty, everybody in town is gonna know.
LORELAI: Honey, people have their own lives and their own problems. I hardly think you and Dean breaking up is the main thing on their minds. 87 more words

Oh Really?

Getting Over Max

RORY: I am fine.
LORELAI: But if you could see the look on your face.
RORY: It’s the same look you had on your face when you broke up with Max. 105 more words

Oh Really?

"It's probably all around town by now"

RORY: They know.
LORELAI: They don’t know.
RORY: It’s probably all around town by now.
LORELAI: Honey it just happened last night, it’s like six in the morning. 135 more words

Oh Really?

Exedrin PM

LORELAI: Sleep in? Luke?
RACHEL: Oh believe me, it wasn’t easy to get him to agree to it, but in the end, a little sweet talk, a couple of Excedrin PM he finally caved. 135 more words

Reality Check

"The 6 am crowd"

LORELAI: Who are all these people?
RORY: It’s the 6 am crowd.
LORELAI: I officially recognise nobody in this place.

There’s a whole section of Stars Hollow society that only comes in at 6 am on Saturday, so people like Lorelai who get up later on weekends never see them. 60 more words

Oh Really?