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The Speewah

An alien with 3 boobs comes to Earth, spraying its foreign lactation on unsuspecting citizens.  The liquid turns out to be Love Juice, thus causing the local people to Love Thy Neighbor.  134 more words


Oh Hell Yes!

Admittedly, I was looking for a good copy of the closing track to the 1970’s children’s show Villa Alegre when I ran up on DJ EJ’s Schoolhouse Funk Mix.  277 more words


And Now This From The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Cool.  A Cheetah running up to 60 miles per hour with a GoPro camera on its back.  I was game for watching it.  The big cat got up to speed so quickly I didn’t even realize it was going that fast.  115 more words

Oh Really?

English Snaps!

I actually care enough to let you know how to properly let me know that you “couldn’t care less.”

Oh Snap!

David Mitchell is a brilliant fool!

Oh Really?

Spacer - The Beamer

I promise I’ll get to actual writing in a bit.  When I titled the last post I made a distraction, I really meant it.  The last distraction I found was from Jack Dangers.  119 more words


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