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Darcy turned around to meet the man who just ran into her. “whoa dude slow down there.”

Lee then nodded towards the women. “Sorry, was thinking and was also in a hurry.”

Actually women in the Victorian era wore corsets well into pregnancy, and even wore so-called maternity corsets.


Thank you, several people have informed me of this fact, but for all those who haven’t read it yet here it is: Pregnancy Corsets ARE A THING!

Forsyth Co Officials SavingNotSaving Pets from the Cold

Forsyth Co, NC:

Over the last two days, at least 57 animals were saved from the sub-freezing temperatures in Forsyth County.

Animals saved.  Yay!

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Southern Shelters


They ate and chit chatted about random things, along with playful banter as they dug away at the chocolate pudding fountain. Sophie was happy to see that he liked it, and kept a mental note to do it again for him sometime.

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Memphis Bans the Public from Giving Treats to Shelter Pets

Memphis Animal Services, which functions primarily as a pet killing facility and does not vaccinate all animals upon intake as per standard shelter best practices, is suddenly concerned that treats given to doomed dogs might compromise their health. 449 more words

Memphis Animal Shelter