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The Fear of Losing Your Job Shouldn't be Punishment for Demanding a Safe Workplace

During Peak Harvey Weinstein, I read an article about why the sexual harassment rates are so high in the restaurant industry.

Like Hollywood actresses, but considerably worse off financially, waitresses endure rampant sexual harassment with impunity.

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This is the meal that Max makes for Lorelai when she spends the evening at his apartment. It is a traditional Italian dish, originating from Milan, and consists of veal shanks braised with vegetables, white wine, and broth. 57 more words

Oh Really?

Men Who Throw Tantrums in the Workplace Get Rewarded

Last year, I came across this THR report article revealing Paramount’s negotiations with Mel Gibson‘s Braveheart budget. Apparently, the studio’s initial offer was lower than Mel’s expectations for what he would need to shoot the film. 461 more words

Coworkers Suck

What To Say When Asked: “What Do You Do All Day?”

I hate the phrase “what do you do all day?”.

It stirs up all kinds of stabby feelings towards the asker. To me, it comes across as though they think I’m lazy or unmotivated. 371 more words

Coworkers Suck

I'm Burned Out!

I was reading this article from Forbes about employee burn out and I was like “Yep, that’s me. Check, check, and check“. Growing up as a child of Chinese immigrants, a proper work ethic was often considered more important than breathing. 321 more words

Oh Really?

Emergency Salad

Because the pizza doesn’t arrive, a desperately hungry Lorelai fills a bag of salad leaves with ranch dressing and eats it from the bag – … 18 more words

Oh Really?

"Drive carefully"

RORY: Fine, I’m going.
LORELAI: Drive carefully. Watch out for ice.

As earlier discussed, Rory wouldn’t be able to drive anywhere alone without a driver’s licence. 30 more words

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