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ASPCA Knows All About Your Dog. And All the Dogs.

On Tuesday, the police in Huntersville, NC, accompanied by Char-Meck AC and representatives from the ASPCA, raided a property allegedly used for dogfighting and seized 16 adult pitbulls and 7 puppies. 314 more words

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Oh, Really?

The other day, I was telling a person that I was still quite exhausted from the last several years of caregiving and having trouble finding a new normal.
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Cook Co Officials Bicker Over Who's the Bigger Jerk

When the former residents of a foreclosed home in the Chicago area abandoned the house, they also abandoned their dog. A German shepherd was found in a cage in a filthy, sweltering garage last month by Cook Co sheriff’s deputies. 406 more words

Animal Advocacy

MI Shelter Records Appear Falsified to Hide the Killing of Healthy Pets

Nancy Hornberger, a pet owner in Michigan, had a multiple cat household with one cat who kept fighting with the others and spraying urine.  Aside from this, Spitz was a loving pet and Ms. 892 more words

Animal Shelter

State Finds Person Co Pound in Violation of Law

In 2014, the Person Co pound in NC took in nearly 1800 dogs and cats, killing 62% of them. The county’s website provides a link to Petfinder to see adoptable animals. 327 more words

Animal Shelter Abuse

Oh Roswell

Maybe you’ve heard that aliens crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947 and the government covered it up.  Maybe you are skeptical.  I, for one, believe.  And as proof, I offer the current city leadership of Roswell, specifically the mayor and the police chief, because their actions can only be attributed to some sort of alien mind control. 246 more words

Needless Animal Shelter Killing