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Theirs or MINE? A Case of Strange Lookalikes

Today a brand called MINE Perfume Lab liked one of my photos on Instagram. Since their name was new to me, I automatically clicked over to their profile and glanced at their photos. 240 more words


Oh really, Bubba? By Fox News

“Oh really, Bubba?” What will come out of his mouth next? via FOX NEWS http://ift.tt/2uiTwDG


Are you not entertained: Donald Trump's Greatest Hits

That everything Donald Trump said during his election campaign was lies, empty campaign promises and spin, certainly comes as no surprise to the two-thirds of Americans and about 99% of non-Americans who woke up on the ninth of November to the horrifying news that a grossly under-qualified, emotionally unstable, ridiculously quaffed man-baby had just been elected President of the United States. 595 more words



Watch in disbelief as a small plane takes out a set of traffic lights as it crashes right before a group of cars stopped at a light.  37 more words

Oh Really?

I'll Get To S-Town Soon Enough

Like I mentioned before, I’ll get to the S-Town podcast soon enough.   It’s been downloaded over 10 million times in just the first 4 days of it’s release.  120 more words

Oh Really?

13 Reason Why, What?

It was right around Tape 2, Side A (Episode 3 for normal people) when I started having serious issues with Netflix’s production of 13 Reasons Why.  1,286 more words

Oh Really?