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Deja vu much?

A Facebook memory popped up tonight from today in 2012. At that time, I had just divorced and was packing my things into storage and planning to live out of suitcases for a time…..it was like having myself reach out from the past and say “hey, you got this shit” ..even my dutch Bros agreed… 697 more words

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Comedy of errors: Google searches at work

I work on a tech support team of sorts.

One day recently, I was “doing research” for a gal up in Finance who accidentally deleted a file, and acting out on my Google search reflex, I started typing into the search bar “accidentally…” 264 more words

Real Life


Early to bed, early to rise, that’s how I operate best.  If I lose any sleep, even a couple hours, I can feel it.  I spend the day yawning, out of sorts, and though I might get everything done I’d planned on, my typical energy levels lag behind having a hard time catching up. 726 more words