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At Least They're All Wearing Pants. I Think.

5:30 AM: Wake up.

5:32 AM: Pour coffee. Panic about all the things. Put on running shoes because my feet are bitches.

5:35 AM: Attempt to wake kids up gently. 993 more words

Random Bullshit

The Phases of Shopping

I recently have returned from a weeklong adventure to my favorite city- New York. I attended the Curve lingerie trade show Monday and Tuesday for work and then had some meetings on Wednesday, but then on Thursday and Friday, I was free to shop! 511 more words


What do you think?

“What do you think?”

Never have four words that when strung together will strike fear into the hearts of most men.

Usually, they are sprung on you with the same sense of total ambush that, say, a ninja might suddenly appear out of nowhere to Shang-hi you with a pair of nunchucks.  320 more words

Sunday Funday!

Yesterday was a fun day, I made way too much food but that’s all good. I have food for today and some other days! Which requires less preparing. 170 more words


"It's way past your bedtime. I could join you, you know."


Calix smiled softly as he glanced at his friend – “Oh…Do I have a bedtime…?” he paused briefly when it occurred to him what the blond explorer had said, and he couldn’t help that playful edge that touched his lips, “Join me in being up to late…Or join me in bed?” he said, tone clearly playful – and trying to avoid being surprised…or hopeful, for that matter.

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Silhouettes are Fun

Here is a page from my little 5.5×3.5 sketchbook on a day that I was feeling a little down. When I feel down my work ususally gets a wee bit dark, a healthy outlet for bad feelings I think. 62 more words