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Sick 2016

It happened again. I got sick.

I think I got sick back in August too. Twice in a year is pretty bad. Especially considering I didn’t get sick the two years prior. 375 more words

Ode to a Burnt Waffle

This went all wrong.

You know when you make waffles or pancakes and the first one you make is always a bit off? Weird looking, like the runt of the litter? 932 more words

Oh Shit

UK Electricity Grid - Reliability For the Rich - Screw the Poor

Is this a surprise? Of course the poor will get screwed.

Britain’s increasing reliance on “intermittent” renewable energy means that the country is facing an unprecedented supply crisis, a senior Ofgem executive has warned. 203 more words

AGW Is A Cult

oh no, oh shit, uh oh, polaris, polaris by maker Gif For Fun

oh no, oh shit, uh oh, polaris, polaris by maker Gif for Fun at your Time


Tofu and Kitchen Disasters

So since starting this blog I have managed to burn rice, savagely over-spice soup, ruin ravioli,  set off the fire alarm in the middle of a dinner, drop a bunch of glasses and smash them to smithereens, break a plate and now this “mysterious” mark has appeared on my wax table- cloth. 891 more words

Good Shit

UK Electricity Grid - OCGT (Emergency Gas Generators) On

OCGT, effectively emergency gas generation, rarely used. I’ve never seen it come on before 1700 before… https://t.co/KW3AD18715

— Nick Grealy (@ReImagineGas) November 29, 2016


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AGW Is A Cult

UK Electricity Grid - Oh Shit

Oh Shit

Yikes. Storm Angus severed half of the cables on the UK's main electricity interconnector with France… and it won't be fixed til February.

— Emily Gosden (@emilygosden) November 29, 2016

AGW Is A Cult