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Drawlloween #15 & #16

Another day with double up! Didn’t get the chance yesterday, since I met up with some friends, drinking wine etc. Lovely evening!

Also, I’m cheating today. 35 more words

My Art~


I just finished the game and :j … wat?                  


Silly Stuff

Ask Your Mother

There we were, happily cruising along in joyful silence listening to the radio when our celebration of all things Huey Lewis was interrupted by a commercial for Liposol, or Lipitor, or God knows what drug that popular medicine is trying to push off on all the halfwit hypochondriacs these days.  263 more words

White Noise - Redux

I posted this on my blog in November of 2014.  Considering all that I’m seeing, watching and hearing, I thought it might be worthwhile to dredge it up and post again.  624 more words


Cine Moments : OH SHIT!

Alone on a Saturday night? Here are some movies that will make you go OH SHIT!

Clueless (1995)

Is the fountain implying what we think it is implying? 45 more words


Natasha Hakimi: ‘Brexit’ Is Here: U.K. Votes to Leave European Union as David Cameron Resigns (Multimedia) - Truthdig

The British prime minister steps down after the “Leave” contingent triumphs in a breathtakingly close referendum that sent world financial markets reeling. (Updated throughout the day) 19 more words