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the first.

It’s getting late, and I’m sure, in the future, I will laugh at this first blogging attempt. In the last while a few people, who’s opinions I trust, have told me that I should blog. 236 more words

First Blog Ever

One Small Mourning Dove

I love watching the neighborhood kids play because they go about it like my brother and I used to, riding their bikes like the hounds of hell are on their heels, tearing up the alleys, ducking in and out of yards, or streaking down sidewalks.  880 more words

Writerly Writes

'Tis the Season to be Winning

So last month I’d posted about how I won the OUP Short Story Writing Competition and I remember thinking I’d be riding that high for a long, long time. 283 more words


Groot and Deforestation

A gallery, thats new! These are some digital paintings I did for a school project involving the famous character Groot from Marvel. Groot and WWF team up to address the problem of deforestation, and in these three you can watch the process of a beautiful forest being all chopped up by us nasty humans. 59 more words



Imagine you and all of your icons being a team of important doctors. 


Another animation put up for your viewing pleasure! Starts quiet but it gets noisy. I found the sound first then animated what I imagined could be making it rather than whatever it actually was. 9 more words