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Downward Spiral

Since losing my job last week, a huge focus for me has been on making sure I don’t spiral into a dark (and fat) place. It doesn’t take much for me to lose myself and wake up 20 kilos heavier, even when life is going well. 334 more words



It’s Sunday night and I would normally be working myself into a state of anxiety about the work week ahead. Except I am not doing that tonight because I was made redundant from my job last week. 143 more words


Daily Aggravation 54: Rude Subway Conductors

Listen, lady conductor of this 1 train, you’re not the only one whose had a hard day on the job – and while aggressively screaming at us straphangers over the loudspeaker every time we leave a station may be soothing for you, it’s really getting under our skin.



Yes, I yelled that out yesterday between rainstorms. It was either that or let Niko step on a snake which had decided my garden entry seemed like a good place to hang out for a while. 199 more words