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17 weeks

The other day I wanted to write a long ranty post about how and why I’m kind of struggling with being pregnant… but I didn’t get around to it, and now it all seems a little silly.  473 more words

Oh S**t Moments 2

Last week I used the chair tilting example to describe the feeling of that “Oh, S**t” (OS) moment you experience when what you anticipate will happen doesn’t and something totally different happens instead; when our expectations don’t meet our reality. 630 more words

That Oh S**t Moment

Okay, I need you to visualize for me. Some find pretending to see themselves doing something they are not actually doing difficult. Some folks are more practiced at it, so it comes more easily. 123 more words




Preparing for the outdoor scenes on Queen’s Square in Bristol on Friday and Saturday, or already transforming Queen Street in Bath for next week?

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