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E Is For Egg, Exactly What We Need

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

This proverb tells us to not make everything dependent on one other thing.  It reminds you that if you drop that basket and break any eggs, then… 115 more words


What I want.

I want to know someone loves me just by the way they look at me. I want to feel loved by them and show them love back. 208 more words

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

No lie I just copied and pasted this and was unsure if I needed to keep the little into, so I made my own. 800 more words



But maybe it was her after all, it was her all along, used to anything easy and things never hurting that much. The fast learner all of a sudden shipped off to another world, scared of strangers and suspicious friends, looks and words and thoughts and opinions . 214 more words


Too many essays, too little time

So, I’ve just given myself a long lunch (coupled with an episode of Season 10 of Face Off  – Rob is just amazing with his artistic details!) and played with Groucho Marx longer than I should’ve. 202 more words

What Do You Think?

mighty ducks

it is day 2 of trying to get over SK

and today SM texted me

you know that taylor swift song

you talk to your friends who talk to my friends who talk to me… 403 more words


Sorry for the breakup saga but I need to vent a lot. I didn’t wake up crying today. I also finished a whole bowl of cereal. 790 more words