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Forgotten To Dos

Day Two Hundred and Twenty-Four

To Do:

Wake Up

Make Appointments





Write letters





Add Facebook Friends… 25 more words

365 Days

A Long Drive

Status: Breakfast at Starbucks

All the doctors I have spoken to have not really pinned down what is wrong with me. Nevertheless, they all don’t seem to be too alarmed of my condition, so if they are not worried, I am going to do my best to not sweat it too much. 596 more words

A Mosh. So Far.

I lace the tray with comforting butter and grease my palms with laughter. But can you taste my sadness? I rake these pasty leaves after rain and watch still, as the sun warms their shivering frames into a mold of forced coupling.This solidarity is a lie. 393 more words

askelise replied to your post:[[ So my flight was cancelled due to an idiot…

See I don’t normally place catering trucks and planes in the same place so now I’m really curious.

43 more words

You said to not take your emotions out on others.

I wake up around 10:45 AM (mostly due to the fact that I stayed up till 4 AM) and my mother decides to have a girls day out with my little sister and told me to be productive and make the most out of today. 337 more words


Off on holiday- YAY!

Hey! Just to say I won’t be posting for a little while because I’m going on holiday to Switzerland!

When I’m back I’ll post all about it. 12 more words

G-Eazy - Oh Well

A classic G-Eazy track with a simple, clean back track. G-Eazy sticks to his aggressive, arrogant style. It isn’t for everyone, but Oh Well.