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Oh Well

Recently, there was a lot of rain. It poured down and poured down. The roof off the local Cato leaked so bad that women in the dressing rooms were getting soaked. 510 more words

It isn't until

It isn’t until your sight clears

and you regain your senses

that you find yourself lying on the ground

and the light isn’t really light… 135 more words

oh boy a new message

“peridorito liked your post”

Tell The World

I just read that people who live to be 100 always let their feelings be known. We’ve always know that it helps to let your feelings out, but I didn’t know that people who live to 100 do this all the time. 58 more words


And Now a Quick Riddle

What did the indifferent fellow say when his canteen fell down the well?

Where the hell did I put my canteen?

He didn’t realize it had fallen.



#Wisdom from bossladiesmindset

take every chance, you never know what might happen. If it doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to, oh well, that’s another experience and lesson. 21 more words


May 27th, 2015 - Dissections and an end to ideas of a long distance relationship

My morning began unchanged until I reached the Marine Science classroom, and we got straight to work. Since we have nothing else to do our teacher decided we’d be dissecting fish and starfish today. 336 more words