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Oh well.

​People may not always understand you, or be pleased with you. Oh well. Your purpose in this life isn’t to be understood, or a people-pleaser. It’s to follow the Lord, & try to love people. 8 more words

Out Of My Mouth

Orange Sky At Night, Tomatoes Take Fright


One day the Lady of the House carefully planted a few pots of herbs + one pot of small patio tomatoes.  There was joy in the land. 135 more words


systemd breaks a laptops suspend as a 'new' feature.

I run debian testing so i see all the fuck ups by Lennart Poettering* who probably one day will change the cat command to dog**, that’s Lennart Poettering for you. 129 more words

Linux Distros


Voices in her head screamed into endless nights and days. They screamed of her insecurities, they screamed of her demons and they screamed of her sins. 110 more words


a tidal wave
of insecurities.

in my mind,
a missing puzzle piece;
a water spout of
broken dreams.

hope is a dangerous thing.

you make me feel- 18 more words

Lesson 1.

So, I’ve suddenly came to realisation, albeit I actually knew this long ago. But it suddenly came to me that, I’m in fact the D.U.F.F of the group. 272 more words

Designated Ugly Fat Friend

New trending GIF on Giphy

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