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WORD?!?! WWE Superstars UPDATE

Averaging $15, the CM Punk WWE Superstars #1 Cover is a sure winner.
However, it was brought to my attention that this series was premiered in a very low printed preview book that was largely distributed to non-comic fans. 178 more words

Sexy timezzz

Heyo! There’s a show tonight at Stage 112 that looks to be just the antidote to cabin fever. I particularly dig Sexless‘ loud post-punk stylings, which you can check out on their Bandcamp, and Fishbreath is pretty cool too. 247 more words


With You

I’m not really sure
I like the thought
that you just walked
right out of my dreams

you fit everything
that I have stashed away… 28 more words


where have you been all my life

So where are my daily readers? i checked and i saw that most of my common readers are swedish, wonder why actually… and them Mericá, i can see that. 78 more words


a merry merry christmas

merry christmas lovley dinasaurs!

i really hope from the bottom of my heart that all of you have a super awsome cozy winter christmas, if its not winter like in Florida or Calefornia maybe you can order some fake snow and be happy, eitherway, i just wanted to say merry christmas and we will talk after christmas when i will come home from where im spending christmas this year, but i will probebly put some time-post here so that you will have something to read, xoxo!