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Enabling EC2 Metadata in ohai

I intend to get back to my write-up on chef provisioning in the coming week but in the meantime I wanted to share this little tidbit that came up in our environment this week. 111 more words


Kou trees, 1875.

Kou Trees.—The beautiful kou, which furnished a remarkably rich-grained furniture wood, and which old residents remember as growing abundantly as shade tree on the seacoasts all over the islands, has quite disappeared within the past ten or fifteen years, having been destroyed by a new insect enemy. 139 more words

English Newspaper

//Feel free to ignore this!// "You know, I always fancied joining a circus."



Loki cocked his head a little. “Why do you not? It does look like it would be good fun. Getting to travel, seeing all sorts of new sites.

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last (cold) day of freedom.

When the highlight of your day is “I went to Lidl and was involved in a minor fracas involving sausages” then you know you’re living the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. 298 more words


let it go.

Only five days to go until pay day, there’s just over £4 left on the electric meter, yep, now is the time for the previously-mild winter to start stepping up the coldness and doing the job properly. 398 more words


makin' a list, checkin' it twice.

My brain still refuses to accept that I’m moving out in less than two months. It’s like when I travel down south to see some friends for a few days, on the coach back my brain invents all kinds of scenarios where my flat has either been broken into and emptied, or burst into flames in the days I’ve been gone. 960 more words


life begins (tomorrow).

A birthday day of achieving very little, as it should be. As it should be.

With the liberal application of cheap cider the night before I awoke, frankly, far too early to find a blizzard in progress outside my window. 707 more words