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Ohara Koson Woodblock Prints

This past week saw me add a couple of #woodblock prints to my collection. The artist is #OharaKoson (1877-1945). Koson’ history is somewhat vague. He was born Ohara Matao in Kanazawa in the province of Ishikawa and is believed to have begun his artistic studies in painting and design at the Ishikawa Prefecture. 226 more words


the night deer

ぴいと啼く 尻声悲し 夜の鹿

Pii to naku    Shirigoe kanashi    Yoru no Shika

The cry of “Pii”.

The last of the voice is so sad.

The night deer. 13 more words


autumn grass

秋草の  すぐ萎るるを  もてあそび

Aki-kusa no     Sugu shioruru wo     Moteasobi

The autumn grass

Wilt at once.

Playing with it.

-Nakamura Teijo

Art by Ohara Koson, “Autumn Grass”


Art on Tuesday: Water Lilies

Water lilies painted by Ohara Koson 小原 古邨 (1877-1945) ca. 1920. Ohara is known for his woodblock paintings often showing birds, fishes, trees, flowers and landscape motifs in different variations. 25 more words


water lilies


kadosaki ni     utsumukiau ya     yuri no hana

at the front gate
dropping their heads
lilies blooming


Art by Ohara Koson (1877-1945) 小原古邨 Water Lily, 1920



“Look, O look, there go Fireflies,”

I would like to say—

But I am alone.


Art by Ohara Koson, “fireflies”


skylark soars

Kumo wo fumi     kasumi wo suuya     agehibari

how the skylark soars

treading on the cloud

inhaling the haze!


Art by Ohara Koson – “Skylark and Peach Blossoms”, 1931

Skylark song