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Big sister Little sister Syndrome

She started calling me long distance more often than before. At the end of every phone call, she’d have me holding my phone over my heart as if this would teleport to her all the emotions she had stirred in me. 1,568 more words

Immigration Advocates Call Trump's Refugee Restrictions 'Misguided'

CHICAGO (CBS) — Advocates for immigrants and refugees in Chicago suggest it is misguided for President Trump to put so many restrictions on refugees, especially those from Syria. 198 more words


O'Hare Detainee Sent Back To Saudi Arabia

CHICAGO (CBS) — More than a dozen people detained at O’Hare Airport Saturday night were released after a federal judge imposed a stay on President Trump’s travel ban from seven majority Muslim countries. 116 more words


There's no crying in 4th grade

This week I took over the social studies block. While I was anxious, I was really looking forward to the activities we planned for the students. 452 more words


Day Nine: Optimism

I flew back home from Phoenix last night, with a connecting flight at O’Hare in Chicago.

It seems I had the usual O’Hare experience everyone complains about. 734 more words

Security breach at O'Hare as man gets past security, tries to board plane

CHICAGO, Ill. — Chicago police say a man is in custody after breaching a security checkpoint at O’Hare International Airport.

Authorities say the man breached a checkpoint early Sunday in the airport’s Terminal 3, and tried to board an aircraft. 129 more words


Arrived at O'Hare...

It’s 6am-most of you (in Chicago, at least) are still fast asleep, and I’ve already walked through security, picked up my standard cup of coffee, and have plopped myself in front of my gate, where I will sit for (at least) the next 3 hours. 273 more words