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My Trip to Ohayocon 2017

Hello and welcome back beautiful internet friends!

What a wonderful and hectic weekend it was! So as you can tell by the title Ohayocon 2017 happened! 663 more words


Ohayocon 2017 Panel

Friday PM, a looooong walk from the action of the rest of central Ohio’s biggest animecon. I was to give a talk on Creative Writing & Self-publishing.   184 more words


How to Avoid Con Crud

Hello and welcome back my cute friends! Keeping with this week’s theme of con related posts I’m gonna give y’all some tips on how to avoid con crud! 371 more words


What you Should be Bringing to a Con

Welcome back beautiful internet beings! So today starts an amazing week; not only is it my birthday week but it’s also the week of Ohayocon! For those of you who do not know what Ohayocon is, it’s an amazing anime convention that goes on right here in Columbus, Ohio and I will be attending this year :D and I am SO excited for it. 456 more words


Making an End

PowerPoint slides for Ohayocon 2017:  complete.

Script for Ohayocon 2017 talk* about Creative Writing & Self-Publishing:  complete (and revised after I found out yesterday that I’ve about ten more minutes!) 103 more words


"Plots have I laid!"

Whew!  Finished the ‘script’ that I’ll be using with my Powerpoint slides in twelve days at my presentation on Creative Writing & Self-Publishing at Ohayocon… 2,389 more words


Not dead; but dreaming

Haven’t posted as, honestly, there was nothing to say.

Work continues on Cursed Hearts, slowly (it would be oh-so simple to turn it into a novella of 30k words; I’m resisting that impulse.  849 more words