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Astrological Lessons from Carly Fiorina's Week of Fame

Carly Fiorina’s week of fame was well over the prescribed 15 minutes prophesied by the late pop artist Andy Warhol. Who is Fiorina you may be asking? 621 more words

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Pluto in Capricorn Says "Don't Vote"

In the movie Election which takes place in a high school, the class Over Achiever (Tracy Flick) is running unopposed for class president. Her ambition is so intense, so unalloyed that the Civics teacher prompts the class Athlete (Paul Metzler) to run against her. 988 more words

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Reince Priebus' Gemini Problem

Reince Priebus, Chairman of the Republican National Committee, must have committed an ill deed in a past life to be challenged with overseeing the 2016 Republican primary process. 712 more words

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John Kasich's Astrological Misstep

It’s too bad politicos listen more to their advisers than their astrologers. Ohio Astrology sheds a tear for Governor Kasich’s recent astrological misstep. Any one of Ohio’s distinguished astrologers could have warned him. 535 more words

Ohio Astrology

A Cleveland Summer

If you’ve been putting off your visit to Cleveland and instead choosing Las Vegas, Disney World or some other such “touristy” spot, this is the summer to put all other plans aside and visit this diverse and multi-cultural city adjunct Lake Erie. 1,058 more words

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A Fire Moon in the Crowd

How does it feel?

Just saying anything that comes into your head and being able to sway people like this?

Marica Jeffries to Lonesome Rhodes in… 1,259 more words

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The Astrological Symbolism of a Gravitational Wave

As noted in the blog Does Mike Mouse Have a Personality? astrologers are excited by stories that include date, time and place. Imagine the glee of this astrologer to learn that a… 1,164 more words

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