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ANONYMOUS, Thom Hartmann, Karl Rove's ORCA

Earlier in the week I published a piece about ANONYMOUS’ claim of hacking Karl Rove’s ORCA. The piece included a situation summary of the “HACKAVIST” group’s claim that was written by an associate: Benjamin T.

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Will America Hand the Election Back to Barack?

With about 60 hours to go before the votes are in for the President of the United States, a dread is coming over the Democrats as if some underlying deviousness will come from somewhere to steal the election away from where the polls are pointing. 530 more words

American Governance

The Jewish vote in Ohio

The US presidential election is entering its final week and with the race essentially tied, there is a desperate scramble by the campaigns of Republican Mitt Romney and Democrat Barack Obama to secure the battleground states. 36 more words


Is Tagg Romney Trying to Manipulate the Ohio Vote?

Just days after a former adviser to George Romney accused Mitt of treating voters as ‘targets to be manipulated,’ reports are coming out that Tagg Romney, Mitt’s son, may be directly attempting to manipulate the vote in Ohio. 405 more words


Look Out, Ohio: Obama Up By Five

That is, if you believe the notoriously partisan polling firm. And the notoriously partisan polling firm gets linked and quoted a lot, with a great many on the Left holding it as gospel. 413 more words