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2 Posts for Friday, October 12th, 2012

11:11 PM


Cousins Jan and Mona came over today and dropped off a balloon that was a big hit with Renvek. They took Megan out shopping and are planning a visit on Monday. 464 more words

The Day After Chemo

I always forget that the day after chemo always kicks my butt. Yesterday I had an eight hour infusion of Rituxin. It’s not as harsh as some chemos, as it doesn’t take my hair. 1,349 more words

Chemo Infusion Day

Today is chemo day. Such fun, okay maybe not. The nurses are great. Although I don’t understand why a nurse that starts IVs all day long, everyday would have to poke me three times? 750 more words

Kuni Foundation Donates $5 Million to OHSU’s Knight Cancer Challenge

In an interview Thursday Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, told Robin Roberts of Good Morning America, “cancer has touched us all.” You can tell by the certainty in his voice how true it is for him. 599 more words


Nike's Phil Knight donating $500 million to cancer research

Nike co-founder and chairman Phil Knight is donating $500 million to cancer research after Oregon Health & Science University met his earlier challenge to raise the same amount, … 234 more words


Rewriting your genetic story

When we first saw Dr. Kent Thornburg of the Moore Institute for Nutrition and Wellness at OHSU present on epigenetics, our grasp of healing through nutrition was expanded to a whole new level.   383 more words


JAMIE'S BLOG - DAY 126 :: clean bill of bliss

Whew! What a day. We are finally home after a roundabout trip to Portland and back, this time carrying a clean bill of health home! 245 more words