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The best gift you can give another soul,

The courage to be themselves,

Without fear of judgement.

And the beauty is,

It costs you nothing.


Learning from your mistakes

So I made a grave error this week when I took the car seat out of the car and removed the cover so I could wash it. 793 more words



When something is broken,

Doesn’t quite work,

Don’t throw it away.

The beauty is always still in there.

Help them find it and set it free. 78 more words


Socialist Unrest

The letter page of Sounds, 26 February, 1983 has this rebuttal to trendy lefties. Then as now I find that nothing worries the middle class left more than working class people organising themselves. 273 more words



I work in law enforcement. I’ve seen my fair share of addiction, seen the wrecked bodies, the fines and fees, the jail or prison time, the lives ruined. 1,283 more words