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Matt’s Bandcamp Picks #2 – 5 compilations / 306 tracks to kick off 2017

Compilation albums have always been a great way to discover new music and in the last few weeks Bandcamp has offered up some rich finds.   In his second offering of the semi regular series of… 300 more words



Each petal a layer,

Added together to make a whole.

How much you see,

Depends on you.

Most see she’s a bud,

Because that’s as deep as they go. 53 more words



A red fox comes along
-Hey, fox, you don’t belong
With us, the woolen sheep-
You go and let us sleep!


The Return Of HARDSELL

Hitting the ground running, Hardsell’s message is clear… Keep the spirit of Oi! alive. Armed with a new US lineup, the Dutch Streetpunk band prepares to release their 4th studio album, “Subculture Criminals”. 3,239 more words


Escape Hatch

Books are my escape hatch.

When it’s all too much,

I climb inside the pages,

And let the words,

Take charge for a while.


Paper Thin

Paper thin lies,

Are just kindling,

To a Phoenix girl.


Letting In 

Do you guard your heart?
Lock away the real you to keep yourself safe?
Sometimes you have to take a chance.
Drop your walls,
And trust they will be worth letting in.