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The Afectados... an object lesson if you will

There is an intimate relationship between the poor and the fragility of the planet.

With today’s release of Laudato Si — dealing, as it does, with the moral issues surrounding our dependence (or rather the global north’s over-dependence) on the resources of the poor countries… and the cost of environmental damage (in all senses, not just monetary) to the poor above all — the release of this short documentary earlier this week might be seen as a marginal gloss on the text.

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With oil reserves dropping in Mexico (and somehow we¿re supposed to buy the argument that more exploitation means more oil), PEMEX plans for facking move ahead.  97 more words


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What Eduardo Galeano rightly called the largest company in Latin America NOT under foreign control is very likely to be under foreign control now:

Aug 5 (Reuters) – Mexico’s Senate gave final approval early on Tuesday to the backbone of a landmark energy reform as the government prepares to lure investment by major oil companies to stem the country’s declining oil production.

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Oil in Mexico is much more than a symbol of national pride. For the past 75 years it has been an enormous source of income for developing Mexico’s infrastructure and improving social welfare.

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Fracking... with a side of snark

The BEST article I’ve seen on “energy reform”  in Mexico …. and the dubious economics and political maneuvering (and the guy leading the charge) behind it … comes from Lisa Wines at the U.S. 148 more words

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Well, maybe...

With the Calderón Administration having all but turned over Mexican national security to the U.S. and that new energy “reform” bill pushed through by Peña Nieto that basically gives away the country’s resources to U.S. 11 more words

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The applause was not for Enrique Peña Nieto, announcing the passage of constitutional “reforms” that will change the oil industry here, but for Daniel Vázquez Aguilar, who had just called the President a whore (puto) while asking (loudly, one must admit) why the people were not consulted about those radical changes considered so necessary that they had to be pushed through with almost no debate in 84 hours over a weekend. 24 more words

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