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A butterfly's wings might start a tornado, but that doesn't mean the energy world works that way

The butterfly effect, a function of chaos theory, speculates that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in Brazil can eventually cause a tornado in Texas. 598 more words

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How hard will it really be to stop using oil?

Like many other people, I sometimes fall prey to adopting sweeping generalizations based on sheepishly arbitrary observations. The other day I was having coffee with a friend at a hipster-ish coffee shop, and as we contemplated the world’s problems we noticed that many of the male customers had beards. 528 more words

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100% Renewable Energy? Here's Why It's Not Happening Anytime Soon

By Earl J. Ritchie, Lecturer, Department of Construction Management

In an earlier post, I established that, with massive effort, it would be possible to generate all electricity and a substantial fraction of transportation energy with renewable fuels. 916 more words

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