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TheStreet Analysts Suggest A Sell Rating To Chesapeake

The oil company has received a ‘sell’ rating by the analysts at TheStreet in a recent research report.

In the most recent news regarding the… 411 more words

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Oil Industry founders in pre-war Jewish Poland: wiped out?

Through the ongoing disclosures pertaining to the reality of free energy devices, we are learning that the history of contemporary wars is plummeted with covert transnational interests in the macroeconomic energy domain. 146 more words

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Nigeria's Goodluck Jonathan just did incoming Buhari a big favour with the fuel crisis

As Nigeria gradually pulls back from the brink of the ‘Petrocalypse‘, it is just the latest example of why the petroleum sector of one of the world’s biggest exporters needs urgent reform. 567 more words

Nigeria's fuel crisis looks set to end just in time for its new president

With the country facing the real prospect of its economy grinding to a halt, Nigerians received good news that the current fuel crisis, easily the worst in recent times, will be resolved immediately. 346 more words

Africa’s biggest economy is shutting down for lack of fuel

Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, is on the verge of total shutdown due to a widespread and worsening scarcity of petroleum products. The scarcity, a result of strikes by fuel marketers… 413 more words

Bonus Cartoon: Welcome back, O'Manoghue!

Cartoon Tuesdays will begin soon, but here’s a little “welcome back” present from our resident cartoonist, Peter O’Donoghue!

Check out more of his work here.


Canada's Oil and Gas Industry - Could lose as many as 185,000 direct and indirect jobs

In 2014, the oil and gas industry spent more than $125 billion on exploration, development and production activities in Canada, supporting more than 720,000 direct and indirect jobs. 192 more words

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