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Oil prices not too low for Saudi Arabia

My last post explained why international oil prices have fallen dramatically during the last six months. This has harmed the profitability of many oil producers. 523 more words

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Why is oil suddenly so cheap?

Between 1998 and 2008 the price of oil increased ten-fold. Everyone was talking about peak oil – the idea that production would plateau and demand for oil would outstrip supply. 703 more words

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IEA warnings stall oil's rally

The rally that lifted crude oil prices by more than 25% from their January stalled as the International Energy Agency warned that there will be no return to the boom-time days for at least five years. 594 more words

Oil's roller coaster ride from last Thursday

The last 4 trading sessions in oil has been something similar to a roller coaster ride at Canada’s Wonderland Leviathon and today is pretty much no different.   211 more words

U.S. Energy Supply Alters Benchmarks and Trade

The Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations recently posted the inaugural publication of its “Global Themes Forum,” an occasional series of articles, essays and thought pieces about topical global affairs issues. 86 more words

Oil fall

It would not surprise me if we had an event similar to Black Monday in 1987 in the price of oil after the Opec monthly report. 469 more words

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Rob Kirby-Financial Meltdown and Confiscation of Your Money Coming in 2015 ~ Greg Hunter

Rob Kirby of KirbyAnalytics.com thinks what is happening with oil prices being cut in half in a matter of months is no accident. Kirby explains, “I look at what is transpiring in the crude oil market as yet another engineered or financial trickery on the part of the financial elites. 192 more words

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