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Eat Peanuts And Peanut Oil Can Reduce Blood Fat And Cholesterol

Peanuts in China are also called “Changsheng Guo”, in foreign countries has been regarded as a health food. Peanut oil is very rich in oleic acid, linoleic acid, content of up to 50% -80%. 80 more words

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Cold Pressing and Hot Pressing

Bacially, there are two methods in oil extracting, cold pressing and hot pressing. How do they work in the process of oil extracting?

The cold pressing do not need to heat oil bearing materials, low oil yield, light-colored crude oil, less impurity, retain the more nutrition of oil. 103 more words

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"Frack Master" Chris Faulkner speaking in England on heels of huge oil discovery in UK

Energy prices will not impact UK shale

Interview opportunity: ‘Frack Master’ Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation in Birmingham next week

Chris Faulkner, CEO of Breitling Energy Corporation based in Dallas, Texas, and known by the media as the ‘Frack Master’, will be available for interview in Birmingham on Wednesday and Thursday next week, April 15 and 16, when he attends the Shale World UK conference and exhibition. 474 more words


Oil May Not Sink to $30 per Barrel

Experts are worried that if the fall in global oil values lasts much longer average prices may sink to $30 per barrel. I don’t think this will happen, and on the Tony Buckingham blog I explain why. 396 more words

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Santos Announces New Oil Discovery Malaysia

On today’s Tony Buckingham blog I discuss the “significant” oil discovery made by Australian oil giant Santos along with its Japanese and Malaysian partners in deep water off the coast of Sabah, East Malaysia. 293 more words

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Oil News: Expect Continued Drop in Oil Prices

Today Saudi Arabia’s oil minister said OPEC does not want to take sole responsibility for propping up the oil price.   OPEC wants non-OPEC countries to do their part to prop up the price.  638 more words

Exxon CEO Says Industry Should “Settle In” for Low Prices

Speaking recently, the CEO of Exxon Mobil said that the industry should “settle in” as low prices in the oil sector aren’t going away. On the… 456 more words

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