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A tropical fieldwork adventure: data collection in and around Sarawak, Malaysia

This blog article is written by Sarah Cook, a third year PhD student based in the Geography Department at the University of Leicester. Her research looks at carbon losses in oil palm plantations in Southeast Asia. 593 more words


Publikasi ilmiah

Bagi teman-teman yang membutuhkan publikasi ilmiah tentang bioteknologi, kelapa sawit, maupun penyakit pada tanaman, berikut beberapa judul yang mungkin dapat membantu.

  1. Faizah, R., S. Wening, Y.
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Oil Palm

Functional diversity assessment - traits!

Post provided by Samuel RP-J Ross Our newly-developed method simulates intraspecific trait variation when measuring biodiversity. This gives us an understanding of how individual variation affects ecosystem processes and functioning.

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Visit to the ABERDI Oil Palm Refinery Plant

While delivering a batch of oil palm fruits, we were able to take a tour of the palm oil refinery premises. Our tour guide brought us to the different areas of the plant such as the packing area for their cooking oil, and the laboratory where the different types of the palm oil were separated into refined, bleached or deodorized oil. 743 more words

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DO YOU KNOW Series: The Oil Palm

The oil palm is as old as creation. Every part of the tree is useful economically and for domestic purpose. Processing the oil palm fruit for edible oil has been practised in Africa for thousands of years, and the oil produced is an essential ingredient for food. 337 more words

United Cacao in Disarray?

An AIM-listed company charged with illegally clearing rainforests to make way for cacao and oil palm plantations in the Peruvian Amazon faces an uncertain future amidst financial turmoil and organisational upheaval. 1,198 more words