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FFB theft in oil palm plantations

From the interviews conducted during our study, it was understood that theft was a serious problem in oil palm plantations. Several locals were serving jail terms resulting from oil palm theft. 301 more words


Distorted flower development and rainforest loss

How basic research in epigenetics helps to improve somatic embryogenesis technologies and contributes to protect rain forests

by Lars Hennig
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Plant Biology and Linnean Center for Plant Biology, Uppsala, Sweden… 1,059 more words


Indonesian Oil Palm: so what’s the wildlife story here?

First impressions of this tropical country; the heat, the tangle of exotic plants, the grey purple hanging hazes draped across the foreground and the manic driving. 1,200 more words


Do you eat instant noodles, margarine, chips or cereals? All these products may include palm oil. It can also be found in shampoos and lipsticks. One must be attentive when reading informative labels, because a vague marking of “vegetable oil” can also mean palm oil. 487 more words


Golden Agri Resource's RSPO reporting - half-way there, but issue lies with (lack of) proper land titles

Unlike Wilmar, Golden Agri Resources (GAR) targets certification of its entire operation covering plantations, mills and supply chains. As the company handles relatively low volumes of third-party FFB (captive small holders excluded), such certification would provide assurance about the origin of the product. 382 more words


Singapore to certify palm oil products (1): where does RSPO come up short?

The Straits Times reports that Singapore will start to certify palm oil products from February. It will do this effective Feb with the assistance of Ernst and Young while taking RSPO input on board.  192 more words