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At the beach with Dad

This acrylic painting was inspired by a photo I took of these two people (with permission). The girl was collecting shells, lots of shells, and I asked if I could view her bounty. 52 more words


Night in Taipei

There is nothing like drawing a strangely out-of-proportion rendition of a view from the roof of my Taiwan home to deal with random home-sickness. More fun with oil pastel, I guess.


Sunset in Venice, 1908

My pathetic rendition of Monet’s Sunset in Venice, 1908 using oil pastel.


Color Drawing Gets Rolling, 2017

I am super excited for this semester – I’m really changing things up in Color Drawing and we started off by reinvigorating a group project from last semester. 46 more words


This Green City

“The Green City”

I am really digging into using greens, yellows and dark slate together. I feel colors have a meaning to us. I know it does for me. 56 more words


Assignment 5, sketches leading up to the assignment

I am working my way to the final piece and what I am going to do. I have decided to go with the textured drawing with gesso but have one final experiment to perform before I actually decide on the drawing. 224 more words