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A Reversal in Fortunes

My recent good luck streak of finishing school, making $518/day, acquiring my 1st property at age 22 (while having 3 years of oilfield and construction experience, and 3.5 years of university), and about to order my 1st Porsche, finally came to an end with a sudden reversal in fortunes- loss of work as I went on a 3-week paid vacation. 99 more words

Brief Flashback to Homelessness

I used to be homeless (came to Alberta in an old car with my clothes and some shampoo and soap) when I was 19… Stayed in the salvation army center. 351 more words

Big Oil has destroyed so much of Louisiana that members of both parties are demanding justice

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The oil industry has left a big footprint along the Gulf Coast, where a Delaware-sized stretch of Louisiana has disappeared.

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August Motivation

have a dream: to have 2 properties and a Porsche by the time I am 23.

I have a dream: to be the most powerful (strongest) and best looking man alive. 88 more words

Brief Medium-Term Life Goal Reflection

If you knew me since I came to this province, my original intent was to have a property, education, and Porsche by the time I was 23, then as that day came closer, the next idea was to have a Ferrari within 5 years… 202 more words

21 Day Reflection on a New Car and Property Goal

On May 9, 2016 (21 days ago), I wrote the following here:

Maintaining the same $1,500/month savings rate, if the latest I want my second condo by is next July, I would need to make each of the following annual gains, compounding my savings monthly, to acquire  corresponding vehicle in time :

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