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Aggressive Real Estate: One large home with HELOC vs. Multiple Properties

My objective to a Ferrari by 30 (or, financial freedom for that matter) has revolved around a theoretically simple yet in practice, complex strategy:

Acquire and hold 5 condos (likely in the mid $200,000 – 300,000s), rent out 4, and liquidate in 5 years to re-balance the overall portfolio (when then having more cash would make traditional blue chip stocks produce sizeable cash returns).

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Employers having a Challenging Time Find New People

Seems the “PATCH” is having a really “challenging time” in 2017 trying to fill vacancies in Alberta.

Don’t feel sorry for them, they are their own worst enemy. 564 more words

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August: Working for up to 16 hours/day, for 2 Companies

The summer days pass by bathing in my own sweat beneath 2-3 sweater thick coveralls under the scorching Alberta sun, and inside a vacuum or tanker truck where neither the air conditioners or fans work, and you’re lucky if the thing even drives in a straight line. 432 more words


It's Expensive to be Poor

One trucker I worked with briefly one day brought up this interesting quote:

It’s expensive to be poor.

The financially starved often rely on payday loans, credit cards, “bad credit” auto loans where interest rates can be as high as 39% on an unreliable vehicle, and other high interest debt to make ends meet.

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Weyburn, Sask. struggles to fill jobs in the oil industry

“Now hiring” — the words workers in the oil patch have been waiting to hear are flashing across billboards in Weyburn, Sask.

“We’re struggling finding employees, not even trained employees. 401 more words


Season’s Musings

Photo: Annual “Christmas In The Oil Patch,” Kilgore, Texas

As we approach our 31st year in OCTG reporting we thought we’d share a bit of our history with y’all. 285 more words


Smoke and Mirrors Time for Stund Kunts In Alberta

Yes sir, it is that time of year for the annual smoke and mirror show better known as SECOR for companies with less than 10 employees and COR for companies with more than 10 employees. 48 more words