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Jeffery Hein Workshop

Different palette, lots of paint, different surface, fortunately had worked with the incredible model before, so I was familiar with his face.


I finally was able to finish the portrait of Richard on Friday. A long time in the making!

I need a psychologist or.. manager.. or someone… or anyone¬†to prod me in the right direction when my mind goes astray. 58 more words


Second Attempts are Sometimes the Best

Done at an open studio. Second attempt. My first attempt was to paint the whole figure. But I got this feeling it was not working out. 24 more words



Oil on linen 24″x 30″

I haven’t posted for quite a while, but I’ve been working on the “Cloaked” series and larger¬†figure paintings.

Though I employ friends and family to pose just as models, these paintings most often turn into portraits, like the one above.


Perfect Symmetry Replaces Observation

I thought I was done with this portrait when a fellow artist pointed out several areas I had made symmetrical, easy to do when you have a head-on view. 31 more words

Live Model

The Waitress

“The Waitress”. I have been meaning to paint this study for some time. My hand was forced as we have an open weekend at the Courtyard Studios and not having much in the way of new work, I executed it quite quickly to fill a gap. 83 more words