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2/3: 12 times….

1/31: I think I’ve replaced this photo ten times. Every time I post it, I look at it and think, “Hmm, I need to fix that…” so who knows if I’m done, probably not. 26 more words


Dog portraits

Oil on canvas 60x60cm sq.

We wanted to show different poses of these beautiful dog heads but without making the canvas too busy. So I kept the background poses in a pencil/charcoal effect around the main heads, which were done in oil. 11 more words


Portrait of Beatrice

Oil on 40x40cm canvas, Beatrice aged 8yrs.

Currently one of 50 paintings shortlisted for the Artists & Illustrators Artists of the Year Award 2016.

Please vote by February 12th if you have a moment…VOTE LINK HERE



Done at Patris’ Studio. 3-hour pose by this young woman, a teenager. But as always I tend to make young people look much older. Limited palette, Zorn – ivory black, cadmium red, yellow ochre and titanium white. 19 more words


Jeffery Hein Workshop

Different palette, lots of paint, different surface, fortunately had worked with the incredible model before, so I was familiar with his face.


I finally was able to finish the portrait of Richard on Friday. A long time in the making!

I need a psychologist or.. manager.. or someone… or anyone to prod me in the right direction when my mind goes astray. 58 more words


Second Attempts are Sometimes the Best

Done at an open studio. Second attempt. My first attempt was to paint the whole figure. But I got this feeling it was not working out. 24 more words