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Letters: Governments borrow, while we pay and pay

Governments borrow; we pay and pay

Re: Malcolm Mayes cartoon, Dec. 1

In case you are not aware of what the Liberals and NDP mean for Alberta, this cartoon captures it — not to mention Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s announcement that no large oil tankers will be allowed on our West Coast. 1,198 more words


Opinion: Canadians can prosper from environmental action

Canada headed to the United Nations climate change conference with a $2.5-billion fund to help developing countries reduce their carbon output and $300 million more to develop clean technologies here at home. 689 more words

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Canadian economy out of recession, but quarter ends on down note

Canada’s economy grew in the third quarter, bringing the country out of a technical recession, but the quarter ended on a down note as GDP fell by 0.5 per cent in September. 510 more words


University of Regina prof points to 'systemic problems' at Co-op refinery; company lauds safety changes

A University of Regina professor says his analysis of incidents at the Co-op Refinery Complex demonstrate “systemic problems” with “safety culture.”

“You keep wondering, ‘Maybe things are going really well there. 598 more words

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Letters: Change the name "Fighting Irish" while we're at it

Change “Fighting Irish” while we’re at it

Re: “After the win, let’s talk about the name,” Paula Simons, Nov. 28

As a proud member of the Irish diaspora minority, I feel compelled to speak out against the Hibernophobic name of the University of Notre Dame’s “Fighting Irish” football club. 1,218 more words

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Some companies won't be able to compete under new royalty regime, says panel member

LAKE LOUISE — Not every Alberta oil and gas company will be able to compete with U.S. shale gas under recommended changes to the Alberta royalty regime but change is needed and will be delivered on time, says a member of the review committee. 769 more words


Many Quebecers opposed to Energy East pipeline, new poll suggests

A new survey suggests that 57 per cent of Quebecers oppose a plan to build a pipeline across the province that would be used to transport and export oil from the Alberta tarsands. 319 more words