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Saudi ready to raise oil supply after US pullout from Iran deal

Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest oil exporter, has said it will take all necessary measures to prevent supply shortages following the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal. 258 more words

Will the World Economy Continue to "Roll Along" in 2018?

Once upon a time, we worried about oil and other energy. Now, a song from 1930 seems to be appropriate:

Today, we have a surplus of oil, which we are trying to use up. 4,023 more words

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Director Mobry parked on the modest street where Thomas J. Bird worked in Manchester. Mobry couldn’t understand why Bird insisted on working at his humble neighborhood flat, but the Supra-Genius worked that way, so he got his way. 228 more words

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French Turn Their Backs on a Century of Oil

I doubt anyone wants drill rigs added to this view

❝ France’s ban on oil drilling could keep 5 billion barrels in the ground. For a country that already imports 99 percent of its oil, France’s decision to end all new oil development and phase out existing projects by 2040 may not seem all that meaningful.

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China Imposes Limit on Oil Supply to North Korea


SEPT. 23, 2017, 1:09 A.M. E.D.T.

BEIJING — China announced Saturday that it will limit energy supplies to North Korea and stop buying its textiles under U.N. 512 more words

1 Sept 2017 (AFR) - Global fuel markets jump as Harvey's surge ripples beyond Gulf

(1 September 2017, AFR, p15, by Erwin Seba and Devika Krishna Kumar)

‘Tropical Storm Harvey’s effect on the energy industry has spread beyond flooded US refiners as fuel pipelines are also shut, threatening a supply squeeze around the country and roiling world markets as traders scramble to find alternative supplies. 53 more words

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Falling Interest Rates Have Postponed "Peak Oil"

Falling interest rates have huge power. My background is as an actuary, so I am very much aware of the great power of interest rates. But a lot of people are not aware of this power, including, I suspect, some of the people making today’s decisions to raise interest rates. 4,075 more words

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