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Moody’s may downgrade 120 oil and gas companies, 55 mining companies - MarketWatch

More bad news for companies that are heavily exposed to the slumping commodities markets. Moody’s Investors Service said it may downgrade the ratings of 120 oil and gas companies and 55 mining companies around the world, as the prices of a range of commodities remain at multiyear lows. 39 more words

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Why oil under $30 per barrel is a major problem

A person often reads that low oil prices–for example, $30 per barrel oil prices–will stimulate the economy, and the economy will soon bounce back. What is wrong with this story? 3,563 more words

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Here's Why Iran Is Behaving Better, For Now

By Karl Vick

They say these things come and threes, and the news that Iran has released Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian and three other dual nationals follows two other developments that certainly seem to indicate rising strength for the forces of moderation in Tehran: The… 675 more words


The Truth About 2016 Oil Supply and Demand (It’s Not What You’d Expect!) - The Daily Reckoning

From the Daily Reckoning


Raise your hand if you are an investor in oil companies and mentally exhausted from the market downdraft of 2015. 1,131 more words


OPEC Loses (and Reclaims) Market Share from U.S. Shale

  • According to the EIA, U.S. Shale losses will accelerate next year with a drop of 390,000 barrels a day in annual average production to 8.86 million barrels a day.
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Crude supply — what if no-one blinks?

There is a great, unspoken “what if” in the stand-off between Opec’s strategists and the rest of the world’s oil producers — what if no-one blinks?What if Arab Mideast Gulf Opec producers’ pockets are deep enough and their zest for domestic subsidy reforms is strong enough to ride out the storm? 127 more words

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