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Crude supply — what if no-one blinks?

There is a great, unspoken “what if” in the stand-off between Opec’s strategists and the rest of the world’s oil producers — what if no-one blinks?What if Arab Mideast Gulf Opec producers’ pockets are deep enough and their zest for domestic subsidy reforms is strong enough to ride out the storm? 127 more words

Oil Prices

The oil Outlook Now

The nuclear deal with Iran is not yet settled, but it definitely points to, among many other things, lower oil prices. Once sanctions lift, Iran, desperate for cash, will sell all the oil it can, increasing global supplies and likely driving down prices. 722 more words

Why oil could go as low as $30 a barrel

Crude oil prices are continuing their yearlong plunge amid the global oil supply glut and some analysts think the commodity’s decline will only get worse before it gets better. 204 more words


World Crude Oil Production and the Oil Price, August 2015

In this post I present some of my observations and thoughts about the developments in the oil price, supply and demand, exchange rates (relative to the US dollar), petroleum stocks and what near term factors are likely to influence the oil price. 1,714 more words

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The story of oil over the last year

Much bandspace in the internet world is given over to speculation on oil. It is assumed that the Saudi’s are trying to crush the shale oil production. 509 more words


2 June 2015 (AFR) - Prices are down, but Saudis keep oil flowing

(2 June 2015, AFR, p29, by Clifford Krauss and Stanley Reed)

‘The international cartel of oil producers has long followed the same basic strategy. When the market was soft, the group slashed production to raise prices. 21 more words

1.Market Observations

Oil-Exporting Economies at A Crossroad: Restructure or Risk Economic Growth

Countries dependent on oil exports to run their economies, such as several OPEC members, are challenged by the recent fall in global oil prices, reducing their oil revenues and driving their economies into difficulties. 897 more words

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