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Trump is Taking the US-Saudi Relationship to the Next Level​

Despite his tough campaign rhetoric, President Donald Trump has opted for a policy of appeasement to Saudi Arabia – including a $200 billion investment into the Saudi economy amidst sweeping cuts to U.S. 2,199 more words


Mar 2017 Favorites

I haven’t update my beauty products for a while, So this blog I’ll be dedicating to my March range of favorites products. I have started using some new products the last month. 192 more words


Understanding Engine Oil

So you want to top your car s oil level up and you want to do it yourself -maybe you ve seen our DIY videos! You know where the dipstick is, you know the procedure and all you need now is some oil. 32 more words

D’ya Know What Really Grinds my Gears… A Rant About Engine Oil

Right, I m going to get my apology in good and early because the following rant is probably going to sound like I m having a pop at car forums, but that s not the case at all, I m a member of quite a few and think they re a great source of info, banter and are in general a massively [ ] The post D ya Know What Really Grinds my Gears A Rant About Engine Oil appeared first on MicksGarage.com Blog. 6 more words


Daffodils in an impressionistic style. Painted with oils on canvas – sold.