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America's Gulf Coast / BP oil spill / Bayou Corne sinkhole update 2012

2012’s had some bad news down the bayou: Bits of Louisiana are sinking, exploding, shaking, and seeping toxic liquids. Way more than any other state in the nation. 2,631 more words


Deepwater Horizon 2-year anniversary, 2012: So f'd, it's time to listen to Yob again

More doom, less gloom. Witch doctor’s orders.

How serentypical. Circumstance forced me to begin my Hitler’s Birthday Blowout Two-Year Anniversary last week being driven through the dreaded 37 Highway. 2,023 more words


Royal R. Rife, Stanislaw Burzynski, Rick Simpson, and Max Gerson: Cancer curers ... and Criminals in the eyes of the FDA

In case there is still a question, (people are generally good but) from the top down, the FDA has always been the Witness Protection Program for Big Pharma / Big Chemicals and the insurance companies, who would rather see you get sick and die slowly while paying them to “cure” you with nuclear radiation and hacksaw amputations. 369 more words


Unlimited Free Energy

In continuing the fascination with ousting Spillionaires and what we do when that happens.

Nerd out on this DIY science video set, which may make clearer the concepts of grabbing latent energy from the air, like whistling for a dog and having it show up. 103 more words


BP. Trial 2012. No settlement. No exceptions.

Trial of the Century … February 27 … ::sound of record scratching:: WHAT?! Delayed?With talks of a 14 Billion Dollar Settlement? AYFKM? … 568 more words


The 1% Wants War, So War Is What The Planet Will Get (... with either Iran, or aliens. No really)

Oh really? Show of strength? A sitting-duck boat named after a famous spaceship is officially steaming its way to the long-awaited Gog-vs.-Magog death parade. And it’s even called the… 562 more words


Obama Signs NDAA; America Now Lawfully A Dictatorship

No kidding. The moment we have all been waiting for is here. U.S. Management has officially ceased ‘playing at’ copying the Nazi Constitution with our ridiculous Homeland Security Act. 218 more words