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Frederick Half Marathon Training Recap – Week 2

Training when you are under the weather really sucks.  I mentioned that I’d caught a cold last weekend, which evolved into a sore throat, coughing and definitely a little mucus.   684 more words


I can't believe I'm really training!

Wow. I’m finally feeling a little bit official as a runner. After 2 years of consistent running, many races, trying to reach PRs and signing up for my first marathon, I actually feel honest when I tell people that I’m a runner. 343 more words

#WheelsUp 2017

Oiselle is the endless source of inspiration and kinship and support.  So, this year, when they proposed a monthly challenge to hone in on goals for the year, I am all in.   131 more words

LNRB Month By Month

Lakefront Marathon 2016 - Recap

The Lakefront Marathon holds a special place in my heart. This is an event that I eyed for a very long time before pulling the trigger in 2015 and finally registering for.   1,114 more words

Belief: A retrospective look at National XC Champs

It’s funny, I look back on cross-country championships in Kingston and I still cannot believe that actually happened. Not just that I won, but that I took off from the field with ~2k to go; it’s just all so outside of my normal racing tactics. 1,010 more words


*The high life*

Over the weekend I attended my first Oiselle Volée meet up!

Before I share that story, let me just tell you that in order for me to go, I had to step outside my comfort zone. 456 more words