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Why I (kind of) love the long run

Today I had my longest run since Eagleman- 10 miles!  I wore a new hat (give em hell, Oiselle (it’s pronounced wa-zell, so it does rhyme I promise!) and my new favorite accessory my hydration vest! 609 more words

When I started grad school to study girls’ psychological development in 1999, it seemed new research was published every day on the positive influence of sports on girls’ self-esteem, academic performance, and social relationships. 700 more words


The Great Short Debate

I am forever looking for my favorite running shorts.  It is a complex search and they have not found me yet :).

Right now I am running in Athleta Sonar Short, which I do really really like (notice I didn’t say love).  233 more words

Nick Symmonds, Nike, and The Corporate Sponsorship of Sports

What Nick Symmonds wears is important. As one of the best in the world at running the 800M, what Nick Symmonds wears is important to his performance and his livliehood. 1,555 more words

Oiselle Volee

If you haven’t yet heard of Oiselle, it will soon be a name you are hearing quite often.  If not from anyone else, you will be seeing lots of VOLEE posts in these parts.   646 more words

The Triumphant Return

AKA “Why I Chose to Defer my Fall Marathon”

Exploring Colorado and being MIA from the world of social media has been my main prerogative lately, and I have succeeded wholeheartedly. 345 more words