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Suddenly it’s hot. The dog’s panting, the cat’s sleeping (even more than usual), and out in the field the horses are seeking the shelter of the trees, the leaves of which, once fresh and bright, are turning ever more dusty and dry. 143 more words


Sunday Coffee, Leeds Museum, 7th June, TWO till FOUR

Oh piffle. It’s not 2.30, as was said in the post that came out this morning, it’s 2.00. You could come at 2.30, but the place apparently closes at 4.00. 57 more words


Sunday Coffee and Chat, Leeds Museum, Sunday 7th June, 2.30 -4.30

Every now and then we do this coffee thing. Everyone welcome.

Leeds Museum, Millennium Square. Coffee shop, downstairs, enter via the glass doors from the patio on the right. 7 more words


Coffee at the Museum, Sunday 3rd of May, 2pm

Now that Easter’s over and all the chocolate has been demolished, here at the OiY household we’ve gone all healthy and are strictly watching what we eat. 121 more words


No meeting on Sunday 5th of April!

Easter is coming,

The bunnies are getting fat.

Chocolate chicks hatch chocolate eggs

And guard them from the cat.

When the dawn is opened

The birds begin to sing. 109 more words


March 1st Coffee Thing

Summer is on it’s way!!!!

No, no. Wind and hail! The threat of snow!

Spring is almost sprung!!!!

No, no. Cold and rain! Six more years of winter! 75 more words


Christmas drinks at Outlaw Thursday 18th at 8pm

The Christmas shopping is over and done with. It’s time to sit down and relax with a nice drink and some good company. Out in Yorkshire adds one more opportunity to the smorgasbord of socialising festivities. 186 more words