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Caitlyn Jenner Revealed Kourtney Kardashian's Surprising Opinion on O.J. Simpson's Not-Guilty Verdict

While it’s crazy to believe that it’s been over 20 years since O.J. Simpson’s alleged murder trial was sweeping the nation, it’s almost crazier that… 410 more words


The Great Running Backs.

See Campbell video here.

O.J. video here.

The two greatest running backs I have ever viewed, Earl Campbell and O.J. Simpson. Both combined speed and power with an uncanny, innate sense of how and where to maneuver. 29 more words


How Did OJ Simpson (allegedly) Drive Home From Nicole's House? Two Possible Routes

Here we re-trace the two possible ways that OJ could have driven home from Nicole Brown Simpson’s house after (allegedly) committing the infamous double murder of her and Ronald Lyle Goldman. 58 more words

OJ Simpson Gives Colin Kaepernick a Warning [VIDEO]

O.J. Simpson has some words of advice for Colin Kaepernick. The Juice claims the Kaepernick’s friends are hurting his chances of getting back to the NFL … and he needs to shut them up! 35 more words


Film Review: 'Scandalous: The Untold Story of the National Enquirer'

When grocery store shoppers snag a copy of Weekly World News (the rag responsible for the refuses-to-die “Bat Child” hoax), they know they’re getting fake news. 887 more words


The Diamond Mercenaries aka Killer Force 1975 ***

‘They’re mercenaries, not idiots’ is a telling line from The Diamond Mercenaries, but the matter is very much up for discussion. Sure, if your idea of a good Saturday night romp is watching the late Peter Fonda suffering an intrusive rectal examination, then Val Guest’s 1975 thriller is likely to be just what you’re looking for. 280 more words


Opinion: Philadelphia Did Nothing Wrong by Pelting Santa With Snowballs in 1968

Philadelphia is known for many things. Cheesesteaks. Rocky Balboa. The Liberty Bell. Some of the best universities in the world. Hopelessly corrupt mayors and politicians. We’re the literal birthplace of the United States of America, despite what some delusional Bostonians might tell you. 1,144 more words