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Fighting in Region of Ojinaga - Outrages of Officials Tend Only to Excite the People Further. Ojinaga Mayor is Roundly Despised - January 26, 1911

The following is a transcribed account from the original with errors and archaic language intact. As an editor, I feel odd resisting correcting the article, but it isn’t much use to an historian who might need to quote it verbatim. 695 more words

Mexican Revolution

México, Done Badly

The first time I went to Mexico it was to Ojinaga with a young man who worked with me in Big Bend National Park. I have forgotten his name, but let’s call him Jerk. 705 more words

Letter from Ojinaga

Dear One,

Lackadaisical daze gone by, days spent painting fantastical scapes, harmonizing my harmonica with songs of the rail stolen and steel, and perusing rock gardens tumbled brambly with weeds beside the wind tickling Palo Verde tree. 719 more words


Mexican Soldiers Face Civilian Trials

An article found on the Washington Post website talks about Mexico straying away from corruption in the case of Mexican soldiers facing civilian trials.

OJINAGA, Mexico — This rough little border town in the middle of nowhere has seen its share of lawless men, the cocaine cowboys whose wild rides end out in the desert with a shovel of dirt tossed into their shallow graves. 752 more words


Jewel Created From Mud - "La Tinaja"

On October 29, 1994, I attended a celebration in Honor of Redford pioneers: Teofilo Carrasco and Cecilia Acosta.  They had just been reinterred in the old Redford Cemetery. 432 more words


Razing Our Past

One of my greatest sorrows is witnessing how historically significant structures in Mexico are blatantly destroyed.  I long ago visited an old church, “Nuestro Padre Jesus”, in Ojinaga, Chihuahua, Mexico.  357 more words


Chico Cano: Did He Or Did He Not?

At the beginning of my genealogy research, one of my goals was to locate “ol’-timers” who had known Chico Cano, the reputed killer of River Guard, Joe Sitter (Texas Ranger).  502 more words