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First Guest Blog Post!

🚨 Sound the alarm🚨  One of my friends has blessed me with an amazingly terrible online dating story. The topic is something I have yet to experience. 100 more words

Today ended on a higher note than usual 

Today ended on a higher note than usual. I made peace with a friend I’d been arguing back and forth with over stupid shit. She drove us to the grocery store and back again. 123 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Back on OK Cupid (though I will probably regret it). 

I decided to reactivate my OK Cupid account. I had deactivated it after an incident of harassment from a guy who said he saw me at the Transit Center here in Rochester (see ‘ 212 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Emotional Rollercoaster

I don’t even know where to begin with this….

I’d already mentioned my upcoming date with the promising 37 year old dad. The much-anticipated date was last night. 1,151 more words


Different Strokes

Way back during Phase 1 of my dating adventures, I was eventually told by several guys I dated, including Texas, that they always doubted my interest in them because I never reached out to text first. 547 more words


Joaquin and Hayden

I find it interesting that things with Hayden and Joaquin are heating up at the same rate, that I met them at the same time (1 day apart), and that they both approached me on OK Cupid without being matched first. 821 more words


It: A Three Part Series. Part 2: The Horsegirl

Boh and I had gotten bored of asking this self-absorbed, narcissistic fuck questions about itself. So we decided to just be fucking weirdos. Shit’s about to get really stupid. 881 more words

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