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An Exit Plan (Mr. Houston cont.)

By Monday night he was back into doubt mode. I told him again that he was giving me mixed signals. He brought up his two trips to Lafayette and the Indian meal he cooked for me. 610 more words


A New Take

So, once again, I have reconfigured my OK Cupid profile. Honestly, I don’t think anyone really notices because they just look at the pictures. Seriously. That’s it! 635 more words

Festival Part V (Mr. Houston Leaves)

We laid in bed Sunday morning until Mr. Houston offered to watch West Wing, an activity he knows gives me great joy. I made us breakfast. 592 more words


Festival Part IV (Don't Cry in Front of Mr. Houston)

Since we met a few months ago, Mr. Houston had been giving me mixed signals. At the end of that first weekend together, one he had pushed for, he asked me if I could see myself in a relationship with him. 707 more words


Festival Part III (Mr. Houston cont.)

Saturday morning I woke up around 9. I hadn’t heard from Mr. Houston yet. I texted him.

“What’s up,” I used the ubiquitous, noncommittal text of every male on the planet. 896 more words


Festival Part I (Mr. Houston cont.)

I had the day off Friday. Festival Friday. Mr. Houston was supposed to drive in that night. He said he was excited to see me and this international festival I spoke so highly of. 530 more words


Learning to Argue with a Man

I’m learning to argue with a man. Mr. Houston pissed me off when he abruptly ended a conversation because he was “turned off,” by something I said. 645 more words