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It: A Three Part Series. Part 2: The Horsegirl

Boh and I had gotten bored of asking this self-absorbed, narcissistic fuck questions about itself. So we decided to just be fucking weirdos. Shit’s about to get really stupid. 881 more words

OK Cupid

It: A Three Part Series. Part 1: The Questioning

I just got back from the Jersey Shore this afternoon. I had an amazing time, got a bunch of freckles, and sunburned my chest, despite constant re-application of SPF 50. 1,700 more words

OK Cupid

2 Weeknight Dates

I had 2 first dates this week on both my kid-free nights. One was with Joaquin Phoenix and the other was with Hayden Christensen. OK, not really! 2,415 more words


Re-opened wounds

If you have an open wound that is constantly being opened before it has any chance to heal, sooner or later you’re going to bleed to death. 481 more words

Upsetting, triggering experience on OK Cupid

I hate being transgender. It makes me a target for the kind of people I wouldn’t date even if you paid me $1,000,000. I’m so tired of straight men looking to “experiment” and using me in their sick and selfish little games. 412 more words

Transgender & Mental Health Issues

Plenty of Freaks and OK Nope

Hey guys. It’s been a minute, but I’m back. I know those who know me are anxiously awaiting my aerial yoga post. Yes, I went to a type of yoga that requires upper body and ab strength, agility, and gracefulness-all of which I do not have. 540 more words