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It's A Match: I Met My Boyfriend on Tinder

Like most single 20-somethings looking for love, I carefully curated an OK Cupid account and spent most Saturday nights invisibly browsing profiles.  I had a variety of pictures on my profile to capture all facets of my complex personality: slutty Halloween, cute Halloween, worldly travel, glasses on studying, throwback to college with the girls etc.   787 more words


I feel like you answered your own question.

Ok Cupid

I Must be a Glutton for Punishment

Nothing else explains why I keep going back to Texas. Why do I keep beating my head against the wall? I think it may be the same damned hope syndrome that kept me in my failed marriage for too long. 2,206 more words


Hmm. Do not know how to answer…

Ok Cupid

Really? Isn't that a little much when we have never even spoken?

I try to be pretty open about everything I’ve been through, but that’s just not how I want to start out an interaction. Opening line.

OK Cupid

Online dating: yea or nay?

Another online dating shift has come and gone and again I’m left with nothing but questions and unclaimable expenses. Should I continue, or quit? Have I been barking up the wrong digital tree? 529 more words

La Vida

War Story: The Curious Case of the Drunken Yoga Twin

JK: Years ago — August 1, 2009, to be exact (thanks, Google), I agreed to go on an OK Cupid date. I was about to enter my third year of law school and I was amusing myself by dating around as much as possible. 466 more words