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Please refrain from laughing when you actually propose to someone one day…

Ok Cupid

Totally boring second date, but home for Gogglebox

It’s Friday night!

Been for a second date, held up the conversation, had a nice meal, drove speedily home on some of my favourite favourite Cotswolds roads with the tunes cranked up (and am home having only missed 8 minutes of Gogglebox! 635 more words


Getting started with OK Cupid

I created a profile on OK Cupid. It asks lots and lots and lots of questions! All of them are multiple choice, and many of them do not have the choice I want. 544 more words

Fun fact: I will never turn down an offer to be on the receiving end of a financial transaction. But that’s the only thing I’m willing to be on the receiving end of so please don’t get confused.

Ok Cupid

Conversation starter

If you can acknowledge this isn’t the best way to start a conversation, then figure out another way to start it?

Ok Cupid


No, yo did not think that one through.

Ok Cupid

Closed for Business

Remember the good old days where you’d sign up for a dating profile so a member of the opposite sex could judge you based on appearance alone and then invite you out to buy your own drink and decide if you want to make out with him? 161 more words