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The MTA Employee

I basically haven’t been able to write anything since the election, which was fine for a few weeks, but now it’s been several months and – it’s time to get my brain together and do some work. 1,016 more words

OK Cupid

Weekend Fun + Matt 2

My date with Matt 2 on Saturday night went very well. I’m not yet sure there’s a love connection but I will certainly go out with him again to further assess the chemistry. 582 more words


A High OK Cupid Match Rating Doesn't Mean Much, After All

Last night’s date, Matt 1, and I had a 95% match compatibility rating on OK Cupid. I had never had a date with such a high match before so I was excited. 868 more words


Reluctantly Revisiting the Past

I reluctantly agreed to a phone call last night with that 20-something dude I met once in fall of 2014. I shouldn’t have. Hell, I shouldn’t have even responded to his Facebook message in the first place. 667 more words


Dating Irritations

When I was in college, a classmate/friend/FWB wrote a book and wanted a photo of my lips on the cover. He took several photos. I don’t know if he eventually used one of them because we lost touch after graduation. 596 more words


How To Improve Your OK Cupid Experience

Based upon my extensive experience as a free OK Cupid user (as opposed to their premium paid “A-List” user), I have specific tips on how to improve success. 334 more words


Wait, What's This....?

It’s a tiny glimmer of hope.

My professional situation is suddenly turning itself around as if by magic. All I will say about that is that there was a really unusual mix-up. 336 more words