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OK2A Endorses Kenny Bob Tapp in House District 61 Republican Primary Race

I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Oklahoma 2nd Amendment Association. OK2A is a fantastic organization that has gone to bat for our unalienable right to self defense and protection of one’s property.  58 more words


July Meeting with OK2A, Tim Gillespie

We had Tim Gillespie from OK2A as our speaker at our July meeting last week. Tim always does a great job and his speaking times are always extremely interesting. 833 more words


Dan Boren, the NRA, and More Gun Control

Congressman Dan Boren has introduced a bill to study firearm microstamping.  Microstamping means using a laser to place a marking on the firing pin of a firearm that would leave an imprint on the casing, supposedly allowing law enforcement to trace the casing back the the firearm used to fire it.  114 more words