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Mastering the Art of Spring Fever

There’s a particular spot on my front lawn that randomly grows a bunch of mushrooms. It’s been happening for years, same bat time, same bat channel. 2,080 more words

The OkCupid Saga - Part 4

Been a long time coming but today is finally the day! OKCupid Saga day! YAY!

Penultimate Part guys!

Hope you enjoyed this little series and I’ll make a page specifically with links to each part for you to enjoy at your leisure, along with a gallery of photos of me and Alan :) Enjoy! 2,326 more words


The Okcupid Saga Part 4 will be up soon!

The saga will continue soon, its long and very tedious to edit!

Stay tuned!



Oops! My bad!

I accidentally published my new OkCupid Saga Part 3 post, but it went private so no one saw it! 37 more words


OKCupid: Adventures in Profile Surfing (feminism edition)

Ok, so part of the fun of online dating (when there is fun) is browsing profiles.  Sometimes you read really interesting and funny things that make you message the person.   733 more words