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I went on a date last night!!

First thought upon seeing this guy was “*swoons*”. I still can’t believe that I spent two hours (could’ve spent more but I was getting sleepy) laughing. 636 more words


What Not To Do On An OkCupid Date...

I decided to give OkCupid another chance and that may have been the last. SoCal Swimmer is ripped and active in all of his photos, first of all… false. 527 more words


Mastering the Art of Living IRL (In Real Life, duh)

It’s Springtime here in the Big Smoke, my pretties!  Except it’s still as cold and gross as the mysterious crusty smears on the sleeves of your parka that you need to get dry cleaned and thrown in the back of the closet. 1,513 more words

Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Two's Company, Three's A Party

I’ve received plenty of creepy messages from guys on dating sites. Heck, I started an entire blog based on these messages. But what I never, in a million years, thought I would get the message below. 52 more words

Hang In With

Connect Zero

My roommate’s boyfriend told me about this new thing people were doing on Tinder – starting Connect 4 games in order to get girls to actually respond. 136 more words


Does this ever work for you?

Questions for the male population taking part in online dating. 415 more words


Upload a photo, damnit

Here’s one more thing I don’t understand about online dating: People who don’t upload photos of themselves.

There is a reason these people do not have photos and it is absolutely not casual. 328 more words