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One-liners gone wrong

I love a good pickup line. Actually, I don’t even like a good pickup line, I like clever ones (or at least ones that make me giggle… 245 more words


I got semi-dumped Monday. The guy I’ve been hanging out with announced that he wanted to just be friends. I wasn’t expecting it, but it happened. 309 more words


The Blonde Avenger 

So I forgot to mention the other guy from OkCupid, The blonde avenger…

We started chatting Sunday night -ish and are still chatting. He’s really funny and it’s great “get to know you” conversation. 111 more words


A Ramble

Hey sexy readers !

Sitting here surrounded by a pile of clothes, I have no idea what to wear for my coffee date tomorrow morning. (I feel so lame !) It’s just coffee with a cute guy, who I happen to like a lot. 145 more words


It's A Date 

Hey sexy readers !

So guessing by the tittle you already know what this post is about. It’s true I have a date. A coffee date Friday morning with the handsome (let’s call him) Trip(let). 208 more words


I went on a date last night!!

First thought upon seeing this guy was “*swoons*”. I still can’t believe that I spent two hours (could’ve spent more but I was getting sleepy) laughing. 636 more words


What Not To Do On An OkCupid Date...

I decided to give OkCupid another chance and that may have been the last. SoCal Swimmer is ripped and active in all of his photos, first of all… false. 527 more words