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Spotlight: Okeanos Explores the Deep Pacific ... & You Can Too

This is really cool stuff, folks!

The NOAA research vessel Okeanos is exploring the deep sea in the remote Pacific Ocean this month, and they’re livestreaming… 138 more words


GMC: Other Sea Gods and Goddesses

Other Sea Gods and Goddesses

“In the waves the Sea-gods (Di Caerulei) dwelt, Aegeon . . . ambiguous Proteus, Triton with his horn; and Doris and her daughters might be seen, and some were swimming, some on fishes rode, or sat on rocks to dry their sea-green hair.” — Ovid. 2,570 more words


Pic o' the week - 'sea toad'

NOAA’s exploration vessel¬†Okeanos Explorer¬†recently ventured around the Wake Atoll Unit of the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument. Researchers spotted and sampled deep sea life, from anemones to corals to seastars. 164 more words


Different Minds, different Skies

Today we (returned to) know everything about the Earth and the Solar System but it has not always been the case.

We had the exact same notions during Prehistory and during Antiquity but after the Judeo-Christians invaded our beloved Europe – murdering millions of us, destroying and burning every manifestation of our culture on which they pointed their eyes – they forced on our minds “the fact” that our planet would be flat, at the center of the Sky and that if we had reached its limits we would have ended up falling into the abyss. 1,413 more words

European Traditionalism