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Vegan Ramen in Okinawa

There is a place called Stripe Noodles in Chatan, Okinawa (outside of the American Village area) that serves a type of vegan ramen (in addition to several meaty ramen types, predominantly know for their “steak ramen”). 355 more words


Minatogawa Stateside Town: 港川

Minatogawa 港川 is located in Urasoe 浦添市; in this neighborhood is an area called “Stateside Town.” It is old military housing which has been converted into trendy small cafes and shops. 274 more words


Thanksgiving Party II

Last year, Carl and I started a really fun tradition.  Because he was going to be gone for Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, I decided we would celebrate a “Friendsgiving” feast a little early.  253 more words


Secret Paradise under the Sea

The readers of this blog may think about the construction of a new U.S. military base, if you hear “Henoko and Oura Bay”.

However, Oura Bay is one of the pristine ocean areas that provides the habitat for various species. 284 more words


Typhoon Lan & Down in CoCoRo’s

Friday was a busy day for us as we moved in to our new apartment with lots of huge sliding glass doors all facing the water, just in time for Tyhpoon Lan to test the building codes in Okinawa.  794 more words


Places for Wagashi 和菓子 in Okinawa

和菓子 wagashi: Japanese style sweets

製菓 seika: confectionary

Another post that has been sitting in my drafts folder for way to long. So here it is. 271 more words


Seven years strong #okinawapride

This past weekend, I was honored to recieve a scholarship award for playing the Okinawan Sanshin. Seven years ago, little did I know that starting this instrument would lead to such amazing opportunities and accomplishments. 195 more words