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Choosing My Family

I have been working on this post for what feels like years but in reality it’s only been half a week. This post isn’t about how I was given a chance to choose who was my in my family, because if I was honest I would give the world to have the people who are related to me be a real family like I have seen many of my friends be blessed with.   437 more words

And How Does That Make You Feel?

The one with the thick-framed glasses pulled her eyes away from mine and mumbled, “We just don’t know how to talk to you anymore.” Looking back up at my face, my roommate said, a little braver this time, “We love you, but this isn’t the… 612 more words

When the Foxtrot Precedes a Marriage Proposal

For as long as I can remember, I’ve disliked romantic movies. The whole boy meets girl, love at first sight thing just wasn’t for me. At a young age, I watched… 1,099 more words

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The Knights Among Us

As a little girl, I used to read stories of knights who battled great monsters. In these stories, the knights always defeated the dragon, no matter what it took. 590 more words

Five Things You Might Not Know About the Oscars

As the Oscars quickly approach, film enthusiasts from around the country scurry to see each nominated film before the Academy celebrates their 88th awards show this Sunday. 639 more words

Finding Escape in Movies

In the 1940s, Broadway became devoted to showing only comedic plays and humorous musicals. The reason for this change was to give the community a relief from the war occurring at this time. 584 more words

What an incredible privilege!

It’s hard to believe the Spring semester at OBU is so far underway! We have been able to attend several chapels, which have included speakers like Heath Thomas, professor of Old Testament at Southeastern Seminary. 486 more words