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Final Diagnosis: "My Wife Is A Magical Girl" and the Myth of Mahou Josei

I can’t help but internally (and sometimes audibly) groan whenever I hear the question asked of why there aren’t more so-called “magical boy” anime. The simplest and shortest answer to that question lies in the magical girl genre’s heritage and taxonomy; the very first magical girl shows such as Sally the Witch were directly inspired by the popular Japanese airing of Bewitched, and that very feminine lineage is the result of a very feminine blueprint. 2,119 more words

Final Diagnosis

Max Factory's 1/7 Ureshiko Asaba

This time around I’m giving a much unloved older figure some time in the spotlight! Asaba is from all the way back in 2006, and she’s still just as much of a shining star as she was when she was released! 879 more words

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