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Neal Stephenson: Seveneves

It’s a strange novel in some ways: for starters, the two main sections are separated by a period of five thousand years. Shakespeare takes us past sixteen years with a little awkwardness in The Winter’s Tale, but five millennia? 571 more words

Science Fiction

Last and First Men

Olaf Stapledon’s Last and First Men isn’t such a well-known book in 2016. There probably isn’t anything really close to a modern equivalent to compare it to. 482 more words

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LAST AND FIRST MEN - Olaf Stapledon (1930)

Reviewing fiction as old as this is always hard: how to judge a book that was written for an audience that is generally dead already? In a way, this book is alien itself. 3,687 more words


Three Books

Their Familyby Warren Fine. 1972 first edition hardback from Knopf. Cover illustration by James Grashow; cover design by R.D. Scudellari. I’ll admit I had to have this because of the cover alone, although its subject matter–an American frontier journey–is also a point of interest… 141 more words


I was a disembodied, wandering view-point - Star Maker review by SilentRoamer

A novel on the rise of collective consciousness on a galactic scale.

Star Maker (1937) is a Science Fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon. The novel is not quite a sequel to the earlier The First and Last Men (1930) but carries over the same future history themes. 559 more words


Anno Dominus

October 1995 saw the appearance of what may yet turn out to be the defining work of 21st Century science fiction.

Written and directed by Hideaki Anno… 7,361 more words