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Reprint: The Golden Transcendence

Given the furore about the latest Hugo list, I thought I would post here my one and only review of a book by John C. Wright. 1,044 more words

Olaf Stapledon - Last and First Men (1930)

I think a reasonable, intelligible first response to this book would go along the lines of “lolololol u w0t m8″. Last and First Men covers the rise and fall of eighteen separate human species who struggle with the rudiments of information science, space travel, electrical power generation, and other tasks. 608 more words


The Movement of The Seven Planets is Melodious

Mythic Astrologer and Celebrationist: Steve Nelson is the great teacher who’s work has enlightened my quest for the knowledge of the ancients and the comfort to realize my dreams. 258 more words

Mitchell Kearney

Demolishing "Show Not Tell" and "What Is Science Fiction For?"

Two worthwhile additions to the Coode Street Podcast recently. They even manage to almost not mention any awards.

Episode 198 features science fiction critic and encyclopedist John Clute. 420 more words

Science Fiction

My favourite SF writers

It’s been a couple of months since I last regaled you with my musings. I’ve been fairly busy giving lectures, marking assignments, and in gluttonous consumption of numerous books. 2,033 more words

Science Fiction

Two Different Prefaces to C.S. Lewis' "That Hideous Strength"

I am certain that within long I will be accused of being obsessed with Prefaces. I have posted great prefaces to C.S. Lewis’ The Allegory of Love… 1,286 more words

C.S. Lewis