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“I’m angry! Because…. I don’t have anything else to be angry about.”

Interestingly enough, I saw the #merrychristmasstarbucks hashtag and thought nothing of it until I saw people getting worked up about other people getting worked up, read more on that in the ChristianityToday article linked below.. 391 more words


Olan Rogers presents THE LION'S BLAZE 3!

If you do not know who Olan Rogers is then you are doing yourself a disservice. Look him up on YouTube right now.

…..It’s okay, I’ll wait………. 153 more words


Someone Showed Their Lack in Character Judgment and Gave Me a Liebster Award...

What a bastard.

Blogging awards are a great way to discover new blogs and circle jerk one another in salacious, blogalicious glee. They give the “awarder” a sense of power for being able to bestow a JPEG unto another and the “awardee” an ego boost akin to that post-oral comedown. 714 more words


Why are Gmail emojis so different??

*Jimmy Fallon suit*
*Jimmy Fallon voice*
*Jimmy Fallon pen-prep arm movement*

Thank you,

…For melting emojis down into adorable, strangely MORE caricatured versions of emojis, that mirror how I emote, melting in embarrassment because I use emojis in emails. 239 more words

Wondering Lately

Cat Day

This shouldn’t be as funny as it is.

Thank you Olan Rogers.


Day 77: Hooray for my crazy life.



Gotta keep this short. I have to get up early in the morning. It’s gonna be a long day.

Michael and I had a great time in Nashville yesterday. 60 more words