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Final Space

Now that Infinity War is out, I’m free to talk about stuff that isn’t Marvel. And what better way to transition out of those giant box office juggernauts than with a relatively obscure cartoon by a D-list YouTube celebrity? 1,272 more words


Infinite Possibilities // TBS' Final Space Review

There is a lot of science fiction on air these days. Seriously, us geeks cannot even complain for a second: Zombies, spaceships, time travel, you name it, there’s a TV series about it. 1,008 more words


Why you should be watching Final Space.

Look at that gorgeous animation.

The end.

No? Okay. Is it enough to say I love the show so much I watched all of it again just so I could do this review justice? 548 more words

Final Space: a snapchat space adventure

Final Space premiered Monday, February 26th on TBS. I was going to live tweet the episode but realized too late that I don’t have the channel! 53 more words


'Final Space': Slacker silliness, sorta sweet

Final Space opens with its hero, Gary, floating amid wreckage in space, losing oxygen fast, before flashing back to the chain of events leading to his perilous situation. 481 more words


Too Early For Christmas Decorations?

I love Christmas! I love the whole Christmas season!! It is such a wonderful time filled with giving and love. It is my favorite season and I look forward to it every year! 314 more words