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Saving My Father's Memories, with the Help of the Grandkids

Ways to resolve the issues of memory loss from the onset of dementia, and, it works too, translated…

My father had always been watchful of his own health conditions, until the year he’d turned eighty-three, he’d had a stroke, and fallen.   449 more words


Old Spinster! 

Hallelujah I’m not in Nigeria surrounded by the “You’re-next -aunties,” and I’m not attending any weddings where I’ll be constantly reminded of the need to get married. 313 more words

Peace In The Trees

I felt peace again after a long time spent in numbing stress. I was happily with my youngest brother. I always enjoy time spent with him. 327 more words


To be a Child

She listens to me with half of her soul and eyes with nystagmus. Children…… what do they know?

I tell her i’m left alone. It’s been 60 years now, and i’ve lost half my tooth, bald for most part of my scalp, skinned all wrinkled like a moist rag and the black color of my hair follicles are as white as the cloud above. 290 more words


Old age is a divine virus,

Dim old eyes, sore  with tears;

Hanging ears but hard of hearing,

Once a appealing face turned wrinkled.

Head once abode of long curly black hair, 173 more words


Upon Finding My Mother Who Has Dementia, She’d Forgotten the Fears, and Forgotten Me Too

Dealing with a demented elderly person at home here, translated…

This early, you’re not even at the age when she could get government money, you’d already been diagnosed with dementia, and, all we can do, is to start, fighting this entangling war with the illness! 463 more words