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Winter Walking in Canberra: The Great Lake-to-Lake Trek

It was (would you believe) my birthday present to myself. What on earth was I thinking?

Emmy and I would walk from our home near Lake Tuggeranong in the southern suburbs of Canberra, to Lake Burley Griffin in the centre of the city. 1,652 more words

Long Distance Walking

Far Away by Howard Bosler

Across the road, across the field,

Across the town and winding river revealed,

And far away from sight and sound,

Truth never seen or reason found… 92 more words


My very own rest home inside the brain

In which the jabbering residents of my interior rest home duke it out.

I’ve got my very own rest home inside my skull, with at least five residents. 275 more words


#1380 - Sip

If you write yourself into a corner, just end it and hope no one notices. That’s my advice.

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Sketch A Day

She Used To Know That

“What’s that smell…HOLY JEEZ, Grandma! The house is on fire!”

Flames climbed the wall engulfing a spice rack and threatening the ceiling.

“I put water on it!” 43 more words

Word/Concept/Phrase Prompt

The Wedding Dress

A frail and threadbare
memory draped in
satin, no longer
soft against her skin.

A cobweb of the
past, fabricated.
Intricately laced
with tiny white beads. 30 more words


Anti-social security, or "Ten things to know about getting old"

Dear Sir,*

We’ve received your application for Social Security. We welcome you to the ranks of the senior beneficiary retirement subgroup, or as some of our younger staff call it, “Geezer Gulch.” 327 more words