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I was inspired by The Orchid Pavilion gathering of 353 CE which was a cultural and poetic event during the Six dynasties era, in China. The gentlemen (42 literati) had engaged in a drinking contest: rice-wine cups were floated down a small winding creek as the men sat along its banks; whenever a cup stopped, the man closest to the cup was required to empty it and write a poem. 183 more words


The Inevitable. 

Old Age, it’s something we all are going to face, we all are going to go through, but the thing is that are we going to be alone in one of the last moments of our life or will we have somebody by our side to share that moment and make us feel happy about our existence?! 397 more words


Uta's Diary, August 2016

John Lord from THE AIM NETWORK says in his recent blog:

If you want a good read on growing inequality read this:


I had a look at these data. 498 more words


Where Are You?

I am still alive despite my disappointing lack of posts. Now that I have started writing this I have forgotten what it is I intended to say. 895 more words



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The Count of St Germain (that’s him  —> )


500 years old a couple of hundred years ago… 173 more words


A Day Like Any Other

An autumnal chill this bank holiday Monday as we breakfast outdoors. Birds, the rush of the stream and a stream of traffic tune up like an orchestra.   77 more words

It’s not easy being Gran

Reaching the age of seventy feels like a milestone. You survived adolescence, the drive of the early adulthood years, the disappointments of middle age. The tendency is to continue as you have in the sixty-years decade, but reality is starting to sink in. 1,169 more words