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Catwalk Advisor

I earned my wrinkles,
My wobble bits,
My awkward eyebrows,
And me saggy tits.

My spare tyre,
Belongs to me,
Not to Buddha,
Or any deity. 101 more words


canticle of waning light

canticle of waning light
a quadrille

whisper me now a lullaby
and hold me close in mystic
arms of memory

whisper me songs
of yesterday… 77 more words


A Walk To Remember

Since the black runt (Pippa, this name for you is used only in love), Maggie’s life has changed dramatically. Although I was only three when Sarah was born, and don’t remember it well, and I felt the same way. 124 more words


If I become forgetful (a poem)


If I become forgetful

I hope I made habits I will remember

That I loved my God with all I had… 81 more words

Are You Retired But Not Tired?

When you are over 70  ( unstoppable or not), old age and death never cease to be on your horizon. Your eyes drift to the obituary column involuntarily. 983 more words


Second childishness & mere oblivion

“This place is much like an open prison – full of dotty confused people – luckily I get taken out quite a lot. Nearly all the carers and nurses here are nice and just one or two sadists.” 218 more words

Incoming Mail