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Getting older isn't for the young

My daughter is working on some class project and asked me if I was alive when birth control was invented. I told her I wasn’t sure of the year because THAT WAS BEFORE I WAS BORN, thank you. 693 more words

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Uta's Diary - First Days of October 2015

Officially it is spring in Australia. However, it does feel more like summer already. So far this month we had temperatures close to 30C, and during the last few days it was well above 30C. 427 more words


Golden Oldies

The phrase ‘Golden Oldie’ is commonly used to refer to an old song or film that is still well known and popular. It obviously places value and gives importance to things that are of past generations, that have become classics. 901 more words

Moments Of Mummy Clarity

105 Year Old Sets 100-Meter Sprint Record

Japan is home to over 10 million people who are 80 years or older. 60,000 of them are over 100. But Japan is also home to the world’s fastest centenarian, … 276 more words

Good News


Yesterday was Monday. Back to school, back to work, back to traffic, back to rushing. Another day over before we knew it? Before we know it, we will be Christmas shopping and welcoming a new year. 278 more words


Dear Darling ... || Chapter 11 ||

The sun still rise in perfect light;

The moon in total darkness

The earth around its axis

And the constellations blanket the night

My world may function properly… 111 more words


Age Before Beauty

Age before beauty

Tis honor or sarcasm

My vote…sarcasm

Our respect for age exists

Only when it benefits

~~ Dominic R. DiFrancesco ~~