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Magic potion

In Asterix they have a magic potion.

This, in itself, is quite a queer notion.

But what I would do with such an invention

Is mass produce it for frailness prevention. 88 more words



Fills me with amazement, the way some of a-one’s parts can take up the slack in a pinch. By way of a for-instance, one can reckon the distance and texture of a thing by the nature of echo it’ll give in reply to a click of the tongue. 586 more words

Short Fiction

A sickeningly bad idea indeed

Science and progress hardly ever stop just because a few cuckoos think we’re going too far. That’s what I tell myself most of the times when I bump into depressingly ill-informed articles about ageing and the diseases of old age. 1,123 more words


Alexander's second Birthday

Alexander’s second birthday is coming up this week.It is often convenient to celebrate birthdays on a Sunday.  So the birthday of Alex was celebrated already  yesterday.   111 more words


Beginning, Middle and End

Molly, my youngest, went off to university this week and this set me thinking about the cycle of life. I’ve had the odd brief message, just enough to know that Fresher’s Week is going well and that she’s making friends and getting used to living in London. 801 more words

Packing Up

Everything was old and tired and worn. The chintz on the wingback armchairs was split and the green background in places had faded to near white. 1,259 more words

No Joke

As a teenager I worked on a farm one summer.    I used to talk to an old guy after work.  He was hard of hearing.    When the old guy didn’t hear  me , but didn’t want to acknowledge the fact, he would say,  “That’s no joke,”  after my remark. 34 more words