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Digging Dread

I awoke this morning huddled into my covers, thinking about where to bury her body. This grew into dread as I became more alert. I knew it must be done, else it would draw flies and get gooey and stink the whole house up. 458 more words

The Cabin

parked in

the door closes in my brief moment of making “it” right. left yet again in my introverted insecurities i fail to meet my own or anybodies expectation. 149 more words

Random Thought

Still Getting Old.

Photo by Cristian Newman on Unsplash

Are you mad with rage, as you look at your age
How come life didn’t turn out the way it was ment to be… 419 more words


My Problem Age  



Am I at a problem age?

. . . OR

Do I have an old age problem?

. . . OR… 233 more words


Writers Block

Digital Camera

Never ever take yourself too seriously

Writer’s Block

Pressing send, Peggy sent her latest draft to her editor and felt the familiar separation anxiety. 11,393 more words

Conundrums of Care

Life creeps up on us. Only teens have yet to recognise this fact because the rest of us that have, are usually distracted by the efforts to hold on to that youth that becomes so elusive the moment we exit that phase of life. 1,912 more words


Gone/Not Gone

(Didn’t quite know how to do this one or whether to publish it… my grandmother had Alzheimer’s Disease and died a few years ago now. That inspired this poem.) 132 more words