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Fortnight at the Hospital


She sat frozen on a wheelchair her daughter pushes,
bespectacled eyes staring at a world missed,
where grandchildren cluttered rooms with toys,
color pencils and scrawled paper, when mornings… 239 more words



I’m not generally much of a shouter: physically my vocal chords don’t allow it and emotionally it’s not really my style. I’ve never shouted at Mary, despite an overwhelming urge to do so quite regularly, and I’ve never shouted in my workplace. 766 more words

stupid words; idiotic people

Take the adage “everybody will grow old”—really? Realistically, the aborted fetuses (55+ million) are not given that opportunity are they? Another absurd comment is thus; “doctors care about their patients”, and the clincher of stupidity—“the government is looking out for us.” If you believe any of those comments, the author has some prime, ocean-front property in his bathroom for immediate sale.

Her Kohl smeared eyes

Her kohl smeared eyes.
Tired, ghoulish. Hollow from a hard day at work. She was the only bread winner, the working horse of her family. 341 more words

The End of Community

Nikon D800, Nikkor 24mm, f4, 1/100s, ISO250

Shiny bright malls are the contemporary marketplace shadowed by supermarkets with robotic tellers – is human interaction becoming less important for the seller or the buyer?


Bitter truth

Growing old isn’t easy. Is life really just a downhill slide into the grave as we age? Today’s culture has got some sort of allergic reaction to getting older. 40 more words


Say Farewell, to Living Alone as an Elderly, the Observations Made by a Daughter-in-Law


My father-in-law always believed, that even IF there’s just one broom left in his house, he must return to his roots just the same.  But, started last year, after he’d gotten the three letters of warnings from high above, he’d finally said his proper farewell, to living alone in the south, came up north, and lived with us. 571 more words