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Protecting the Old Age, the Need Today

What does a lower class old woman in India go through in her oldage? Is she protected with proper shelter or has she been neglected and left on the streets to suffer? 379 more words

Half A Millennium

No! That title doesn’t refer to my age. That whiny rant will be coming up later this month. Stay tuned for your chance to legally stick it to the old Archon. 340 more words

That's Life

Let It Not Be Said

“Ma, come out of the shower.”
“Ma. Ma, come on.”
Melanie stands outside the bathroom door, practicing the now nightly ritual in which her mother locks herself in the bathroom, gets in the shower with at least some of her garments still on, and refuses to come out. 1,009 more words


I talk to my friend Cecile most everyday. She is in her mid-nineties and her mind is clear enough to be humiliated by the betrayals of her failing body and wise enough to set aside any pride that might keep her from asking for comfort. 420 more words

For the dance

Forgotten muscles
Remember every step
When the music calls

I aim for high cognitive reserve!

A friend suggested I enrol on a free online course called understanding dementia, run by the University of Tasmania. http://www.utas.edu.au/wicking/wca/mooc

So far, I have completed two out of the total nine weeks and done the basic introductory sessions – and if knowledge really is power, then I’m definitely feeling more powerful! 338 more words