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The cruelest price to pay,

to grow old

as you watch me

fade away.

To see each fracture,

each crease,

whilst watching from

the earth beneath. 60 more words



The color of our love as it blossoms.
The color of our sun-hot passion.
We push, we pull, in love we fall.
We fight, we cry, 152 more words

One Week after Easter 2017

Yesterday, Monday, we did some shopping at the newly refurbished Warrawong Shopping Centre. The above pictures show a quiet corner where we could have a well deserved rest from shopping. 158 more words


Taking Charge of Your Money in Your 60s

Delaying retirement is not a common instance nowadays. Studies reveal that the average retirement age by Americans is age 62. A lot of people are retiring at age 65 or older since they find themselves not adequately prepared. 589 more words

Am I Too Old For Concerts?

I’m 46. Erm, 47 🙄. My children are 22, 21 and almost 12.

When I was young, concerts weren’t really my thing. I was working a lot and if I’m honest, my mum wouldn’t have let me! 628 more words


I Didn't Realise I was old.

‘You’re getting old’ a very nearly excommunicated friend told me. Why? Because I’m over 50. The fact that she’s 49 is beside the point.

‘That’s exciting’ she continued. 881 more words

April Is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) is an annual campaign to raise public awareness about sexual assault and educate communities and individuals on how to prevent… 982 more words