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Food Hunt: Old Airport Road Food Centre (Part 2)

Last weekend, I made a trip down to Old Airport Road again, in search of more good food. My trips there are seldom disappointing, and this trip was arguably not too bad. 443 more words


Changes of Dakota (Part 1) - Demolition of Former Broadrick and Maju Secondary Schools

Dakota Crescent, with its unique Singapore Improvement Trust (SIT) flats and the last dove playground in Singapore, has been in the headlines for the past two years, after news of its impending demolition lured many photographers and nostalgia lovers to visit the sleepy neighbourhood. 796 more words


Brawn and Brains, Guillemard Road: Despite Initial Misgivings, A Great Cafe

Having been to One Man Coffee (OMC) recently, I couldn’t help but to compare the cafe with Brawn and Brains (B&B). Both cafes focus mostly on their coffees and their kitchen space is limited; they can’t and won’t cook interesting things and most ingredients are prepared beforehand, requiring merely assembly. 288 more words


Roast Paradise - Old Airport Road

Another new stall at Old Airport Road, Roast Paradise.  They specialize in KL-style Char Siew.  They serve it on Rice or with Hakka Noodles.  They also have Siew Bak if you want. 61 more words


Foon's Thai Recipe - Old Airport Road

I come back after 21 months away and there are new stalls at Old Airport Road!  Foon’s Thai Recipe is one of them, serving Thai-style Wonton Noodles.  75 more words


Café review: Waan Waan (Old Airport Road)

First off, I have to confess that this post is not about an actual café, but rather a humble stall in a hawker centre. That said however, it does allow you to have a taste of Bangkok without having to actually fly over. 240 more words