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Day 3011 - Marriage Advice - Inspired From Five Years Ago

As I’ve been reviewing all of my blog posts, I came across this one, Guest Post by My Husband or Advice to Grooms. Funny, I said it was going to be a weekly thing, and I’m pretty sure this is the only post. 852 more words


Friday Ramble: My husband

This is going to be even more stream of consciousness than normal. Have fun.

My husband turned to me this week and asked if I had told anyone about his birthday. 290 more words


A Rerun Run Run

I was planning on posting a video today but I didn’t like the way that I sounded. Each spring I lose my voice because…I really have no clue. 290 more words


Uni Week 1 Survival?

At the time I was writing this, I thought this might have been an apt recap of my very first week at any university. Looking back, the view I have of my very first week of university is much more romanticized. 991 more words

Before This

Nervous Excitement

This was written in the honeymoon phase of starting to university. I was still that keen straight A student who was completely focused on getting into the nitty gritty of studying. 540 more words

Before This

Identity Take 1

Back when we started the shared blog on Tumblr, we decided that the readers should get to know us before we started writing. One of the girls tasked us with writing a little blerb about ourselves at the time for our first post. 303 more words

Before This

Social DRM

Posted April 24th, 2009

The other day I bought a book for my Sony PRS 700 digital reader.
And I was so delighted when I realised that  544 more words

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