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Not Much Has Changed in Five Years

For fun, and because I’m quite self-obsessed, I’ve spent some of this afternoon reading old blog posts from my time immediately after I moved from Senegal back to Peoria.   437 more words


Post-back and Three Song Playlists

This week I got a message from WordPress telling me that I have been blogging for five years. To celebrate my half a decade of blogging, I’m going to introduce two new features to my blog and the posts that go on it. 246 more words


10 Things Being A Teenage Mom Taught Me About Life

1. Your parents will absolutely always be your best friends and safety net.

As I’m sure every teenager does, I thought as soon as I turned 18 I would move out of my parents’ house, go to college, be on my own, and be the best adult ever. 1,630 more words

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Things I have learned from my mom(s)

Yesterday was Mother’s Day. The day when clumsy breakfasts are made in the kitchen that had been spotless before the ten year old tried to cook eggs. 1,235 more words

Old Blog Posts

The lazy way...

Yeah … I’m doing this the lazy way. If you want to check out some of my other blog posts that aren’t so… neurotic, then check out the links here. 31 more words

The seasons of your life.

I am continuing my series of looking through my old blog and then commenting on myself. Post from: 8th November 2010


In life we have different seasons and we are all in a season now, and I don’t mean autumn. 594 more words


My old blog and old self.

So when I was 16 and 17 I had a blog. Not one where I wrote about being single and relationships but a more general blog about day to day life and general thoughts. 466 more words